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  1. Default Which highway to take from Maryland to Kansas

    Im going to be moving back to Kansas within the next few months. I will be leaving from northern Maryland. Google is telling me to take I70. I could go south and take I64 but that's another 1 hour 30 min and an extra 100 miles but it keeps me out of Indianapolis.
    Im also looking for things to see along whatever highway I take and plan on stopping somewhere half way to find a hotel.

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    Default Insufficient Info/Time

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    There are just too many missing bits of information that bear on which route to take for us to offer specific advice. In particular "northern Maryland" and especially "Kansas" are simply too vague as departure and destination points. If your goal is somewhere around Kansas City, then you are just on the edge of what can be driven in two days, and if you are going to try to do this in two days (you don't say how much time you have for the trip) then you'd be better served to use I-70 and, of course, you won't have time for any but the most basic fuel, food, and bathroom breaks. If you are going anywhere else in Kansas, or you're starting from northeastern Maryland and have to traverse Baltimore at rush hour to begin your drive, then two days is simply not enough time to do this trip safely.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Would you please be more specific where in MD and KS?

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