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    Hi everyone,

    I live in Vancouver and have family visiting from Germany in August. We are planning to rent 2 cars and drive the 101 and 1 from Seattle to Los Angeles. Then fly from there to Maui and back to Vancouver. We have 1 week for the drive down the coast and are travelling with kids. Is a week realistic to see some stuff on the road?? Any comments and or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You will have to get across the border to rent the cars - you can't rent cars in Canada for dropoff in the US. I believe there is plenty of public transportation between Vancouver and Seattle. You may be able to rent the cars in Bellingham, it's worth comparing rates.

    If you want to follow the coast all the way down, a week might be a bit rushed but it's definitely possible.

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    It sounds as though you have already thought of the car rental issue and are starting your road trip from Seattle, there will be one way rental charges to consider though. I agree that it's possible to do in a week, but you may have to decide how to alternate between the coast and inland depending on if you want to spend time in San Fran and LA and how much of it. From Grants Pass you could head to Crescent City and down through the Redwoods and then continue on the coast or take 101. There is Point Reyes, Muir Woods, Napa Valley and the Golden Gate recreation area north of SF to consider. From SF to LA you should take the coast around Big Sur where you should plan on at least one overnight stop, possibly 2. Monterey and Cambria areas for the 2 night approach and Cambria area for one overnight.

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