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  1. Default Honeymoon in May

    Hi everybody..
    Literally just found and registered on this site...
    We're getting married in May and have three weeks honeymoon. We are looking at roadtripping Las Vegas to San Francisco, and including a Grand Canyon visit at the start.
    Ive no real idea about motels etc and would really appreciate some tips in getting around in general, and things worth going to see.
    Basically, ANY tips at all!!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default A little research.

    Hello, congratulations and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Three weeks is a nice amount of time to explore the southwest and there are many sights to see. A loop trip starting and finishing in the same City is very common and can often save on air fares and car rental costs while not having to back track at all.

    I would start by searching the forums and taking a look at a good map of the area to see if anything else appeals to you. Places like Monument Valley, Yosemite NP and Big Sur are other popular places you could visit on such a trip, but you could also include some of Utah's National parks like Bryce canyon and Zion.

    Make sure you allow time to drive to the National park area of the Grand canyon and allow at least a one night stay [2 would be better] as most tours from Vegas go to the west rim on Indian lands and does not offer the same views made famous the world over through photography, as in the National park.

    I would do a little research to get a feel of your options and think about how long you want to stay in any one place and once you have got the basics together we can help fill in the blanks and help to fine tune your trip. Here are some of our favourite threads to read that will help get you started.

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    Thanks for this, and for the thread to this!
    We'll have a read through your suggested threads, and will undoubtedly have some questions! I do like the idea of a loop trip though, just didnt think 3 weeks would be enough time to make our way back to the start as well?!

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    Default Time enough.

    3 weeks is certainly enough time for a nice loop trip at a relaxed pace, but if for example you wanted to spend 5 days in each of SF and LV then it becomes a different matter.

    One such loop would look something like this; Vegas > Yosemite [with overnight stop on route] >San Fran> Cambria [along the spectacular coast highway] > Grand canyon [with overnight stop on route] and then either back to Vegas or, GC > Page AZ > Bryce canyon >Zion NP > Vegas. From Cambria you also have the option of continuing to LA but I personally prefer the natural wonders away from the urban sprawl.

    You can also start from any City included in the loop and decide based upon which offers the best airfares and car rental costs when added together.

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