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  1. Default 3 friends and I want to road trip from Toronto to California

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, i read a couple of other posts and saw how helpful everyone was so i decided to see if anyone has any advice for my friends and I! In the summer months of either july or august my friends and I are looking to take a road trip from toronto ontario to california, we're planning on going to a music festival in LA on august 2nd until august 3rd. Other than the music festival and seeing new things, we have no reason to go. We're all university students and are thirsty for some experience. I have some questions!

    Would 15-16 days work for this type of trip? Google maps estimated around 40 hours (4,250 km) for us to make it to california. We all plan on taking turns driving there, however we do plan on stopping nights at motels so we can sleep.

    All but one of us will be 21 by the summer, unfortunately my friend has a birthday in december lol. What things do you recommend us doing on the way there, or once we reach California.

    This isn't written in stone! We're interested in passing through Las Vegas. Are there any places you think we should stop and visit on the way? We're into nature, scenery, buildings, famous food places, everything!

    The car we'll be renting is a Rav 4, i've looked up the gas mileage on it and it looks pretty decent. Car suggestions would be helpful as well.

    Thanks for reading this :)
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    Default Weird map ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To start with, I'm not sure what the map link was about, but it looked suspiciously like spam. If it's a genuine enquiry and you want to put your route up then do, but please do not put a list of business locations/details on the map again and ask people to enter start and finish locations themselves, or your account here will be deleted.

    As for your trip [if it's genuine] you simply can't calculate travel time in hours for a trip like this. You will need at least 4 overnight stops to do the journey safely and in relative comfort and at least the same for the journey home.

    As you are all under 25 years of age you will have to pay a premium for each named driver and the person under 21 will probably be prohibited from driving.

    You really need to do a little research as to what places interest you and study a good map of the USA, there are just too many options to be able to give you meaningful advice on that at the moment, other than to say that the scenery and National Parks through Colorado, Utah and Arizona are quite remarkable. Look at taking a different route home to see new things.

    As for choice of vehicle, it's really up to you and your budget but a mid-size sedan would be more than adequate and is usually the best compromise between equipment and comfort levels and cost.

    Once you have more dots on the map and other questions, feel free to ask.

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