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  1. Default East cost in April need help

    Hi guys:

    I'm new in the forum and I need experts to help me planning my road trip to the east cost in April 01, I have planned the following Itinerary

    New york
    Niagara Falls
    New York.

    I would like your suggestions as I have two weeks to visit these cities and want to take the maximum, the problem is that I do not live in the USA and did not know if the itinerary is convenient and if I must skip or add any city. thanks for your support

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    Default Not in that order.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Depending on how long you plan to spend at each destination, fourteen days would be enough to visit all, but I am not quite sure if you mean, in the order you have listed them. If you were to visit them in that order, there would be a fair bit of backtracking. A better way to go might be a loop from New York, Providence, Boston, Portland, Albany, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, and back to New York. You could of course do it in the opposite direction as well.


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    Default Some North East Resources

    There are several discussions of that part of the country sprinkled throughout these forums. I can point you to a few such as these for sights to see between New York and Niagara, between Niagara and Boston, and New England in general. You can also follow links listed at the bottom of each discussion to "Similar Threads". Besides those, much of what we might recommend would depend on how much time you plan on spending in those particular cities that you listed and how much on exploring the countryside in between, what your interests are, and what routing you eventually decide on taking, so be sure to let us know if there's more we can do.


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    I would leave New York and go to Philadelphia first. You would get there early enough in the day to see a lot of things.

    Then you will use one whole day to get to Niagara Falls. Though you would kill a whole day even if you left from New York.

    Then off to Albany. Now you can take a detour on the way there to see Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Or Howe Caverns.

    Then I would go to Portland Maine. Keep in mind Freeport Maine is 17 miles and the home of LL Bean.

    Next stops Boston, Providence, finish back in New York.

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    Beware of traffic circles in Boston. Check out lighthouses along the coast. Out in Buffalo, the Anchor Inn where buffalo wings were invented. Plus, don't miss trying the western New York sandwich Beef on Weck.

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    Default The Road Dog speaks

    Wow, nice to see you back here Don!

    It's been way too long.


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