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  1. Default Spring break mid-March: Where do I go?

    I'd like to bounce some ideas off here. I have about up to 8 days in mid March that I can use for a roadtrip. I live in Minneapolis.

    I'd like a place that isn't as cold as Minnesota, preferably no snow (or very little) and sunny.

    Prefer frequent changes of scenery and spectacular scenery.

    Traveling solo.

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    Default In Addition or Instead?

    Would such a trip be in addition to, or instead of your previously discussed trip?


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    It would be instead of. I was bouncing ideas off. That was not the only idea, and it was quite ambitious. I'd like some other ideas.

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    I'm a little confused, just yesterday you started a thread about a week long trip to Utah's National Parks in March. Are these two different trips? Are you still willing to fly/drive?

    Realistically, with just a week, its pretty difficult to get far enough away from Minneapolis to avoid the chance of cold and snow without flying. Places like Florida or perhaps the SE Coast would come to mind, but even there, you're talking about 3 days of driving each way.

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    I am willing to fly somewhere and then start a roadtrip.

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    Honestly, at that point, there really are too many possibilities for anyone else to narrow things down. As it is, "Where to go" is probably the most difficult kind of question to answers, since it really is the backbone of any trip. If you're willing to fly, then the possibilities are virtually endless.

    Obviously, with your desire for warmer weather, places along either coast, or some desert areas like Nevada, Arizona, or parts of Utah would make a lot of sense, but that's really just a start.

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    Default A way of getting started

    As a way of getting started -- why don't you look at our newest section on Fly-n-Drive RoadTrips and see if any of these appeal to you.


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