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    Default Driving this weekends from Seattle, WA to Driggs, ID

    Hi there! I'm going to drive from Seattle, WA to Driggs, ID these weekends and struggling in choosing which route to take:

    1) I-90E - I-15S
    2) I-90E - I-82E - I-84E - I86E - I-15N

    The main concern is road condition in the mountains. Looking at the map it seems that second route (I-84E) doesn't have so long mountains miles as I-90E does. But I have not driven either of them, so have no idea how things are in the reality.

    According to, both way are clear now (but I-90 had some blue parts in the morning). What do you think?

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    Default Now Is Not Then

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The current conditions along any route have almost nothing to do with what you will encounter this weekend, and certainly nothing at all to do with what you will encounter on any subsequent weekend. What you need to do is to watch the weather between now and when you depart, particularly the day or two before you leave and the forecast for the day(s) you'll be on the road.

    Very generally you are better off sticking to the Interstates which have shallower grades and wider curves than other highways, and receive priority when it comes to being assigned road crews to keep them open. Thus, even though it's perhaps a half hour longer (over a day and a half!), I would opt for I-90/I-82/I-84 through Kennewick and Boise to Idaho Falls, with only the last few miles on surface roads (US-26/ID-31/ID-33) to Driggs.


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    Thank you, AZBuck! I also looking towards I-90/I-82/I-84. Will share how it was when I come back.
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    If the weather is good, the fastest way to Driggs is I-90 to I-15 to ID-33.

    If you take the other way instead, I would not take ID-31 if there is any question about weather. It's a winding, hilly mountain road. Take US-20 out of Idaho Falls to ID-33.

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