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    hello everyone, I'm isabella from italy, I'm getting married in May and I am planning my honeymoon.
    the idea would be a road trip from New York to New Orleans, I would like to tell you my theory of the journey in order to have your opinions and advice ..
    we plan to spend 1 week in new york. From here head towards washington dc take a break of a day or two, then williamsburg. them to direct us to the time of roanoke, overnight and proceed to the Cherokee. nashville, memphis and finally New Orleans.
    I would like to know what is the ideal time to visit each of these cities, what is really visit along the way, if there are steps that I omitted but that would be worth seeing ...

    I sincerely thank all those who give me an opinion and I apologize for my English ..

    (The total time for the trip should be 3 weeks ... I hope)

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    Welcome to RTA! The beauty of the road trip, of course, is the ability to plan the trip around your own interests -- both of you. So much to be seen and looked at, and May is a fairly ideal time since many children are still in school.

    First suggestion would be to rent your car AFTER you have visited New York City and Washington DC. NYC is easy to get around on public transportation (bus, subway, taxi). Take the train (Amtrak) from NYC to DC. Our nation's capitol is also better accessed by public transportation. In both cities, parking is at a premium AND expensive. So rent your car between DC and New Orleans.

    Williamsburg -- allow at least a half day, more if you'd like to see some of the demonstrations that they do there.

    As far as Nashville and Memphis are concerned, what is it you wish to do there? See shows? Visit the Grand Old Opry (Nashville) and Elvis' Graceland (Memphis)? What you want to do at each place will greatly affect how much time you spend there. Shows will depend on who is playing, of course.

    If you'd like to see some of the beauty of the US, consider a drive along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, and through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Both are along the routes I would take if considering a trip such as yours. In the springtime, they should be gorgeous.

    What I would do at this point: take your itinerary and start to plot. Washington DC to Gatlinburg TN (Great Smokies), 500 mi, 10 hours. (If you do Skyline Drive, allow 2 days to drive between DC and Smokies. The 105 miles of Skyline Drive will take about 4-5 hours in itself.) Gatlinburg to Nashville, 220 miles, 5 hours. Etc. That will tell you how much driving you'll need to do between points. It will also tell you how much time you will have left to play with. I see that you will need about 4-5 days to drive between DC and your final destination, giving you about 9-10 days to spend in Great Smokies, Nashville, Memphis, Roanoke, etc.


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    thank you! the idea of ​​taking the train from new york to washington we had taken into account and are happy to have had confirmation ..
    for the rest of the route is all still under development .. I would definitely go through the park because I heard they are very beautiful .. thought of visiting the Cherokee Indian reservation that should be in that area .. memphis and nashville are two important stages are part of the history of music .. There is graceland, many locals where they play great music, beale street ..

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