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    Default Driving from Massuchetts to California, September 2013.

    I plan to drive from Andover (MA) to San Jose (CA) towards the end of September 2013. It would be a 4-5 day day trip one-way. On the way I will stop in Chicago for one night (my nephew lives in Chicago, so hotel accommodation is not required) and Yellowstone National park for 1-2 days (hotel/lodge stay).

    I am a male, 43 year old, married and living with my wife and a child, active, non-smoker, friendly and decent. I have a Ph.D., worked as a Professor at a University in Boston, MA and currently working as a Director of a high tech start-up. I am born in India and settled in the US for the last 15 years.

    I am looking for someone or a group of two to accompany me and share driving. I have a Toyota, Camry 2003 model. Please respond if you are interested.

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    Default Not Even Close

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    Andover to San Jose by way of Chicago and Yellowstone is NOT "a 4-5 day trip one-way". It is a solid six plus days just for the driving portion, plus time spent in Chicago, Yellowstone, and any other stops you might make along the way. You will need to adjust your planning to take this reality into account.

    I have also moved your request for companions to the more appropriate "Share the Gas" forum.


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    Andover to Chicago is about 1000 miles -- two days of driving 500 miles per day. That leaves you 2200 miles to go from Chicago to San Jose. That's four more days of driving, 550 miles per day, not including any stop at Yellowstone. Stopping at Yellowstone adds another 150 miles to the drive. Yellowstone "needs" two days if you want to see anything at all by stopping at the points. If you just want to stop at Old Faithful and some of the other key spots, realize that the park roads have a 30 mph speed limit, and most of the time people don't go that fast ... and there's always "bear(or other animal) jams".


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    Thank you for the reply and moving my post to "share the gas" . I guess you are right its going to be 6+ days.

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    Donna, Thank you for the reply and info on Yellowstone. I plan to drive 4+4+4 =12hrs/day.
    In any case, it going to take more number days (a week at least) than I initially thought.

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    Default Easily done..... one or two days.

    Quote Originally Posted by pparimi View Post
    I plan to drive 4+4+4 =12hrs/day.
    Driving for that long on the first, and perhaps even the second day will probably work fine. But you may want to allow more time on subsequent days. It is a gruelling schedule to keep up on consecutive days.


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