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  1. Default Two Aussies going from Orlando to Washington DC for 4-5 weeks

    Hi all,

    My girlfriend and I are planning to rent a car next week and head from Orlando to Washington DC over about a month. We are both keen hikers, and also love scenic road routes.

    Any advice appreciated on must-do hikes (day hikes and or multi day hikes), and any not be missed sections of road near to our path will be much appreciated.



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    Default The Obvious Choice for Hikers

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are three basic ways to get from Orlando to Washington, I-95 and the two routes described here. For your purposes, the choice should be pretty easy, the inland route up the Appalachian Mountains. The reason I say this is that it will run parallel to America's premier hiking route, the Appalachian Trail, for much of its length. The Appalachian Trail can be hiked in short or multi-day sections; much of it is in national forests where dispersed camping is available; and you will meet many other outdoor enthusiasts as you hike it. Also be sure to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and hike some of the nearby national recreation areas such as Mount Rogers.


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    Thanks Buck,

    So potentially, drive up the coast of Florida to Savannah, then head inland to Atlanta, up the Blue Ridge Parkway and on to Skyline Drive, then back to the coast to Washington?

    If we take this route, what would be the most recommended stopping points re small town America? Any particular campsites in or around the NP's?

    Thanks for the information, much appreciated.



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    Default Sounds Like a Plan

    That basic plan should work out quite well for you. As you work your way up the coast be sure to visit Cape Canaveral if you haven't done so already during your stay in Orlando. Then Daytona Beach - although it isn't 'small town America', it is where small town America goes to party, both on Spring Breaks and for the NASCAR race track. Check out both. Another place worth looking into is Cumberland Island National Seashore. And Savannah, although a fairly large city, is built around a series of squares and so has many 'small town' neighborhoods.

    After Savannah, I wouldn't head for Atlanta which is almost the antithesis of everything you're looking for. Instead I'd think you should pretty much follow the Savannah River Scenic Byway up the Georgia - South Carolina border up into the Sumter, Chattahoochie, and Nantahala National Forests to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From there, it's a relatively simple matter to work your way up the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive to around Winchester VA. From there, VA-7 will bring you into DC, but consider a short detour to the Great Falls of the Potomac.

    As for particular small towns, there are a few that I can recommend, such as Asheville NC, and Lexington and Winchester VA. But those are more in the range of small cities. Small towns are pretty much everywhere in Appalachia and I would encourage you to just wander off the 'highways' and see what you find.


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