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  1. Default 12 Day RV Itinerary Help Starting in Anchorage, AK

    ok, I am trying not to panic, but we JUST DECIDED to go to Alaska Aug 2-18
    we have an RV reserved that we will pick up in Anchorage on Aug 3 and must be returned Aug 15
    we are a 58 year old married couple with a 29 year old son and 26 year old daughter
    we travel quite a bit, but have never been to Alaska or rented an RV
    the children are quite adventurous, have traveled, hiked, backpacked a lot and we as parents aren't too bad either.
    I am thinking we will head north to Denali and Fairbanks and then back.


    we will probably splurge for one flightseeing trip.
    my husband has always wanted to go to an Ice Hotel so was reading about the ice museum in Fairbanks.

    thanks in advance!!


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    Default Lots of experience here.

    Hi Mary, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip forum.

    You could not have timed your question better. A roadtrip colleague on here has just been to Alaska, and written his report. As well as that, you may be interested in my trip last year. I have made three solo trips to Alaska; through Alaska; and back.

    I would highly recommend that you get hold of a copy of The Milepost as soon as possible. Although focused very much on the trip to Alaska and back, it has all the information for all the roads, towns and sights throughout Alaska. You really would do yourself a great disfavour if you did not get and study that.

    Enjoy, and when you come back, we would love to read about your adventures as well.


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    Default Some Places I Really Enjoyed

    It's been a while since my wife and I visited Alaska, but let me lay out a few of the towns and sights that we really enjoyed:

    Seward This is in the 'wrong' direction from Anchorage, but you should set aside a few days to head south onto the Kenai Peninsula, driving around Turnagain Arm, taking the unique tunnel through to Whittier, visiting the Aquarium in Seward, having at least one whale/nature watching boat ride from either Whittier or Seward, checking out the glaciers at Kenai Fjords National Park, etc.

    Talkeetna This is just a little eclectic town on the drive north from Anchorage to Denali National Park, but it was the inspiration for the TV show, "Northern Exposure". In our two days there we had lunch with an Elvis Impersonator, took a ski plane up to a landing on a glacier on the flanks of Denali, rode a jet-boat back up into the deep woods to view bears, caribou and other wildlife, and checked out the ranger station that serves as base camp for those climbing Mount Denali (though actually making the climb was not in the cards.)

    Denali National Park Cars are not allowed very far into the park. All exploration is done via park bus and on foot, so leave plenty of time since you won't be on your own schedule. There are also some white-water rafting outfitters that operate out of Healy.

    Fairbanks Although it might seem a bit 'touristy', the riverboat 'Discovery' trip is actually a good introduction to the area and its unique ways of life. They put on a few shows from various riverside land venues including bush piloting, salmon fishing, and dog sledding. Also see what public programs are available from the University of Alaska.

    Nenana Last and least, make a quick stop here on your drive home if you have time. The only thing to see is the buoy that gets put out on the ice each winter and that determines the winner of a state-wide contest, the Nenana Ice Classic, worth over a quarter-million dollars.


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    Alaska is a gorgeous place, and absolutely worthwhile, and if we went back (we've been twice and would definitely go again), I would definitely see it with an RV.

    RV rental -- find out now (if you don't already know) what IS included with your rental. Make sure that you have linens and cooking packages. When you get there, make sure someone walks you through hookups with the rig. (But honestly, most RV'ers are friendly and would gladly help a newbie -- we always did.) Bring a pair of rubber gloves, you'll appreciate it. Find out if there's any outdoor furniture like lawn chairs to rent. (If the price is awful, you can always buy some at Fred Meyer's or Target and then donate them.)

    Make reservations for said RV overnights. August is a busy time up there and RV places get full quickly, especially in Anchorage, Denali area, Fairbanks and North Pole areas, and Seward. When we were last up there, Anchorage RV park was huge and filled every night. Riverview RV in North Pole was also full every night. In Seward, you may be better off in the city park at $30/night -- it's right on the water and they are normal sites.


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    thank you!

    yes - I have the milepost and am currently looking at yours and others itineraries.

    appreciate your response!

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    AZ - thank you so much for the great info, we will DEFINITELY go to seward, been reading more and more about that.

    may have more specific questions later.

    thanks again!

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    thanks donna, that is what I am a bit concerned about so trying to do a general route and get some reservations in hand.

    I feel good about the company we rented from in anchorage and love the tips about the chairs and rubber gloves!


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