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  1. Default Moving from Providence, RI to Augusta, GA

    Hi all,

    I am moving out from Providence, RI to Augusta, GA by the end of June. I will be driving a 12-ft Penske truck. Any advice or tips about which highways to take will be greatly appreciated. I hope I can get there in 3 days, if doable. But don't know which stations I should rest at.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    My priority in your situation would be to avoid NYC and the rest of the congested I-95 corridor. That means I'd work up to I-84 in Connecticut (probably via CA-9/I-91/I-691) take that to Scanton, and then head south on I-81 through Virginia. Take I-77 onto Columbia, SC, and then I-20 into Augusta.

    You could actually do this trip in 2 full days on the road, 8 to 10 hours on the road each day. The halfway point would be about Winchester, Virginia.

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    Default Concur - With One Small Change

    I couldn't agree more with Michael about avoiding I-95 at all costs. Actually, avoiding it will save you some significant costs in tolls in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The 'insult to injury' is that you'd be paying those tolls to drive on far more congested and mind/body debilitating roads. One small change if I might though. I've driven a few of the connecting routes between Providence and Hartford. None of them is terrible, but I'd suggest US-6 as a more straightforward and scenic/relaxed route. Yes it puts you through Hartford, but if you time your departure from Providence for just after rush hour there, you should be able to get through Hartford, Waterbury, Danbury, and Scranton all well before evening rush hour. And Winchester is a lovely town. If you can find accommodations within walking distance of downtown a stroll there in the evening would be a great way to end Day 1.

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    I have to quibble just a bit with Buck - for an extra 10 miles you can avoid most all towns and completely avoid Hartford. I personally would take I-95 to CT-9 to Middletown, then CT-66/I-691 to I-84. US-6 across RI and CT has several stretches that are not expressway quality. The only non-expressway the other way is a 5 mile stretch of CT-66 in and west of Middletown.

    Then again, being from the area you are probably more experienced than us to plan an exact route to get to I-84.

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    Thank you Michael, Buck, and glc! You have been very helpful!

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