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    I am planning to drive from Whilstler BC to Teton Village Wy over two days between 28 December and 30 December 2013. What sort of driving conditions can I expect. I will be driving an AWD Chevrolet Transverse with three kids 3, 14 and 15. I was thinking of breaking the drive up with two overnight stops 28 and 29. Can anybody suggest sights to see on the way and best places to stop overnight. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    That's about 1100 miles, so driving it in 3 days would give you a little leeway in case of bad weather. There's no way to predict the weather, and you will have to cross the mountains somewhere....either on US-2 (the prettiest) or on I-90.

    So much you could see/do along the way if the weather cooperates -- check out our Map Center and see what strikes you. There WILL be places that will be closed, or inaccessible, in December, so keep that in mind.


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    Default Some Considerations

    Not that going 'south' in this case will get you balmier weather, but taking a more southerly route keep you on better freeway quality roads with good plowing for the most part. Rather than US-2, take BC-99/I-5/I-405 down past Bellevue WA to I-90 east, then use I-82 to switch over to I-84 east to Idaho Falls. From there, US-26/ID-31/ID-33/WY-22/WY-390 will get you to Teton Village. Now you'll note that those last few roads, covering the final 100 miles, are going to possibly be the 'sketchiest' in terms of being plowed/sanded/salted, so be sure to leave yourself a little leeway at the end of your trip even if the big roads have been trouble free. One other thing you'll want to check locally (both in space and time) before you leave is the status of the work to replace the collapsed bridge on I-5 north of Seattle and what delays or detours that might add to your drive. Your halfway point would be around Pendleton OR. Keep in mind that if you have to change plans due to weather, a motel cancellation may cost you but a change of date usually doesn't. The problem with planning to take three equally spaced days is that it actually cuts down on your wiggle room if you encounter bad weather late in your journey.

    As for things to see along the way. If you make the trip in two days, you won't have a lot of time for going off the main route, but places like the Yakama Nation Museum and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument are just off the highway and give you a chance to give both your mind and body some time off from the drive.


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