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    Default Reno, NV to where?


    I want to get out of Reno for about a week while I have time off of school. I have a decent job but I don't want to spend too much. Does anyone have any ideas where I could drive to and stay in hostels that is safe for a young female alone but will be an adventure for me and a change of scenery? Thanks!
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    Default The Goldilocks Zone

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Basically, everything west of the Front Ranges is within a two day drive of Reno. That means you can get to anywhere in that area, poke around, and get home at a very comfortable pace with a week at your disposal. However, since you're doing this in summer, I'd rule out anything south of about the 37th parallel (Arizona-Utah state line) as being too hot, and if you do this in the next few weeks, I'd also rule out anything north of the 42nd, parallel (Nevada-Idaho state line) as too cold. In between, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and northern California as well as anywhere along the Pacific coast is going to be the sweet spot for the foreseeable future. For the variety of sights, venues, and unique experiences, I'd probably do the national parks of southern Utah and Colorado. Hostels might be few and far between, but camping should be plentiful in national and state parks, forests, and recreational areas. And also check out a resource unique to the west - the Bureau of Land Management.


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    Default Some suggestions for hostels.

    Hi, and Welcome to The Great American Road Trip forum.

    Depending on your interests, you could head south to the mountains, or west to the cities. Given your age and your desire to have a safe place to stay, I would probably recommend the latter where hostels are more prolific.

    In Sacramento the HI hostel is the most beautiful building in which I have ever slept. It is secure, friendly and located in the historic part of town. Of all the hostels available in San Francisco there are several HI hostels, and the USA hostel I would put top of the list. The benefit you will have at these hostels is that they are very good at organising budget tours to the local attractions, and even to places as far afield as Yosemite. These trips are always popular with young, first time and solo travellers. Be aware though, that rarely do hostels provide parking, and parking in SF can be expensive. Last time I was there, the hostel in Sacramento had parking available. There are many other hostels around these areas.

    Some things about hostels. Check that the hostel at which you choose to stay provides a locker for each bed, in which you can place your valuables. Make sure it is a locker which can be locked with your own padlock. Carry a medium sized padlock with you. Lockers which are coin operated are accessible to management, and I do not regard them as 'secure'. Never stay at a hostel which permits guests to use their own sleeping bags. These are one of the main causes of bed bug infections. And always wear something on your feet in the bathroom, even in the shower. That goes for all public bathrooms, including hotels/motels.


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    Thanks for the responses. To clarify I would like to go to a city and I want to be farther than Sac or SF because those are two/three hours drive from my home. I have also been both places several times.

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    Default Head East?

    In that case, have you thought of heading to Denver? It also has some nice hostels, including a great HI. There is lots to do in and around Colorado. There are also hostels in many more towns in Colorado, some great, others not so much. Moab UT also has a great hostel, but I would not call that a city.

    From Reno you could take I-80 or US50 and I-70. I-70 is actually a beautiful entry into CO, and one of the most scenic interstates in the country. Either route, you'd want an overnight stop.

    Another option would be Salt Lake City. I can't advice on that, as I have not stayed there.


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    If you want to focus on cities, then your options are pretty straightforward. You could go east to denver or salt lake city. You could go north to seattle or portland. Or you could go south to LA, San Diego, phoenix, and/or vegas.

    The only one where I've stayed in a hostel is san diego, which has a nice one right in the gaslamp district. However, you should be able to find more options in other cities by looking at the links lifey provided.

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