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    Hi everyone!
    I'm planning a roadtrip from Virginia to North Dakota (Fargo). I have about a week to travel around - I've seen most of what's interesting in Virginia and West Virginia and am thinking of stopping along some of the major cities on my way such as Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis. Was wondering if anyone would have some recommendations about some smaller towns that may be interesting or some hidden gems off the beaten path?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First, have you checked out the RTA Map Center yet? That's the tool specifically designed to give you ideas of recommended stopping ideas right along your route.

    Beyond that, it would be very helpful to know what kinds of things you might be interested in. You mentioned cities, but even there, didn't say what about those cities you're hoping to see and do.

    There's lots of possibilities, it would just be helpful to be able to focus in on what you might actually enjoy.

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    Default Also...

    Is the week for a one way trip or do you have to get back to Virginia in that time frame? And besides the RTA Map Center that Michael pointed you to, there are two other great resources here: lists of 26 (or so) attractions in every state as well as places to stop along the major Interstate Highways.

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    I am planning a trip from VA to MN for this summer! Last time we did this we stopped in Northfield, MN, it is around 1 hour or less south of Minneapolis, it is the site of Jesse James' last bank robbery. Also if you haven't been to the Mall of America that is pretty neat too.

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