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    Hi, I am new and in desperate need to find fun places to stop along the way while taking a road trip to Utah for a family reunion with my family. We have a week and we plan to leave during the week be there for the reunion in the weekend and then head back. I would like to stop and spend the night on the way there and the way back. Would like to do something fun on those two stops. Have children 12 and 10. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aguitavo
    I would like to stop and spend the night on the way there and the way back.
    I'm afraid you're going to need more than two days and one overnight stop for each leg of this trip. At over 1200 miles by the most direct route, trying to do it in only two days would (even if you succeed) result in two very tired children who have been cooped up in a car for those days with no time for stops along the way or any time to "do something fun" at the midway stopping point. (Moriarty NM is really your only option if you try this.) If you want the children to enjoy this trip, then you need to plan on two stops and a solid 2½ days for each leg out and back. Then you can plan on fun stops along the way such as Lake Arrowhead and Cadillac Ranch on the way to Santa Rosa NM for your first night's stop; at Petroglyph National Monument and Mesa Verde on the way to Moab UT for your second night's stop; and at a dinosaur museum on the last morning's run into Sandy. Similar stops can be arranged for the return trip, but again - only if you allow sufficient time for what you'd like to do.

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    Thank you AZBuck. Now I really have to plan this out better!

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    If you follow Buck's advice and stop in Santa Rosa, skip the hotel pool and head for the Blue Hole a fantastic spot to play around in some crystal clear, although a bit cool, water. Perfect spot for the kids after a long day on the road.

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