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    Ok so we are basically set for our trip. Myself and my gf are coming over from UK to USA for 3 weeks however I have some car hire questions that maybe someone can answer:

    For reference I have booked a mid size (focus or similar) for 3 weeks in June from Budget. I have paid using my credit card in full online and I have my voucher, I will be giving them my credit card for the purposes of security deposit etc however I do have some questions:

    1. terms suggest that the deposit will be the cost of the hire or $200 whichever is greater, my booking was $550. Is $550 security deposit about right for this kind of car / length of rental (21 days)

    2. On it also suggests that a credit check may also be carried out, Is this for people who just show up or is this also for people who have paid in full prior to turning up. As mentioned I will be using a Visa credit card not a debit card to secure the damage excess charge. The main reason I ask is my credit score is not perfect due to being reckless a few years ago. My current score is about 610 I think.

    Thoughts ?

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    It sounds like they will be holding $550 as a security deposit, authorized, but not charged, to your credit card. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    If you are using a credit card for your deposit, then I would not expect a credit check, and I don't think it would matter anyway, as you wouldn't have any credit history in the US, and I can't imagine that they would be set up to run a check of British records.

    FWIW, we generally prefer that you keep all questions about your trip together in the same thread, however, at this point, all of your questions have been on the technical side. We actually haven't really heard anything about your actual trip!

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    Thanks for info. Sorry should have mentioned our planned route. It's san Fran then Malibu, LA, Vegas, grand canyon, Bryce canyon/escalate, lake Powell (got boat booked!) then SLC then Yellowstone, Idaho falls, Reno, Yosemite then san Fran. Big trip I reckon around 4200 miles but 2 drivers and 3 weeks so should be good.

    Looking forward to some Cali weather. In the UK you never get more than 3 days of sun before heavy rain!

    Any suggested visits welcomed

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    Default A couple of ideas.

    It sounds like a wonderful trip. It'll keep you on the move but it sounds like you know that already and you should have a great time.

    From SF to Malibu you might want to plan for another night on route and take your time down the fantastic coastline via Monterey, Big Sur and Cambria.

    Are you visiting the North rim or the South rim of the Grand canyon. I would certainly recommend going to one of these National park locations by car and not rely on a day tour from Vegas that usually goes to the west rim which is not part of the National park, more expensive and less dramatic. From the south rim Lake Powell will be on the way to Bryce canyon and it would make sense to visit there first to save doubling back. Even from the North rim heading to Lake Powell first would save miles.

    Zion NP is not too far from Bryce/North rim and is another amazing NP worth a visit.

    On the way to Yellowstone be sure to drive through Grand Teton NP.

    If you intend to visit at least 4 major NP's then the annual parks pass for $80 will make financial sense as it will be cheaper than individual fees. They can be purchased from the entry kiosk to the first NP you visit.

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