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  1. Default Soft sided security at non-campground stops

    Driving across the country and back this summer and taking a Jeep without a top as the primary vehicle. Planning on towing a little trailer for gear and lodging.

    I've been looking at the pop-up tent trailers and some options of using a utility trailer rigged as a tent platform... But I am pretty nervous about sleeping in this fairly insecure setups while on the road. At campsites- sure... But at the truckstops and reststops and the occasional walmart... Nervous.

    Thoughts or suggestions?


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    I think you have pretty good reason to be concerned.

    First, rest areas should never be used as a spot for overnight sleeping. It is usually illegal, and it really is never safe.

    Second, a pop-up trailer wouldn't work at all for truck stops or walmarts. If you are stopping at those kinds of place for the night, it is for parking, not camping. You shouldn't give any outward sign that you are camping, including putting out chairs, grilling, and especially not putting up a pop-up.

    If you've got an enclosed trailer you can sleep in, you might be able to make it work. However, finding a way to ventilate a trailer to be used for sleeping would be important, and you'd have to find a way to secure it from inside. Even there, I think you'd have to be extra careful about where you are stopping, as you'll be a higher profile potential target.

    If you were you, I'd really focus all my time an energy into looking for campgrounds. I think they'll be a pretty small price to pay for a safe, secure, and comfortable night of sleep.

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    Default More than security

    Besides the security issue, you would not be permitted to put up a tent trailer. The very most that is permitted is putting up the pop top on a campervan. Even RVs may not use slides.

    I have however seen people sleep in the back of their utes, without cover.


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