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  1. Default Denver to LA, Ritchfield, Utah as the best mid-way point?

    I'm planning my first drive to LA from Denver in June. I have 4 days total. Do you still recommend I-70 to Grand Junction cutting through Utah down into Nevada around Las Vegas into Mojave into Lancaster, CA, etc.?

    Many thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We certainly appreciate that you took time to look through some old threads before posting, but it is easier to discuss the details of your trip in its own thread. Especially since no one who took part in the 8 year old thread you responded too is still active on this forum!

    As far as stopover points, Richfield, Beaver, or Cedar City would all be good potential options if you were doing this trip in 2 days. Richfield/Salina are more important going from west to east, because after that point, you have to go another 100 miles until you find lodging again. Going towards LA, if you can't find anything in Cedar City, you've still got St. George down the road without going too far.

    If you're doing a 2 day trip, then I-70 to I-15 into the LA area is your best bet (using any number of options to get from I-15 to your specific destination in So. Cal.

    However, if you've got 4 days, then you don't really have to worry about taking the fastest route. Some of the most scenic wonders of the American West are available with just a short detour. For example, you could detour to Arches/Canyonlands at Moab, go down through Monument Valley, and even make a quick stop at the Grand Canyon along your drive. Or alternatively, you could stop at Zion and/or Bryce Canyon for a bit. There are many more options - if you want to make the most of your 4 days, rather than just get to LA, ASAP.

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    We regularly use the route you're speaking of, going in either direction. Most of the time, we stay in Richfield, UT. There are more motel/hotel offerings there than in Salina. Our favorite has been the Quality Inn, complete with pool and hot tub. There's also a restaurant right out the front door, and an ice cream shop next door.

    We've also stayed in St George -- it all depends whether we're trying to make it between San Diego and Columbia, MO in three days or four days. In four, St George is the stop. The last time we stayed in St George was a number of years ago, and we were pulling a 5th wheel so we stayed in an RV park.


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