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  1. Default Planning Road round trip from San Francisco to Vancouver

    Hi all,

    I am planning a road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver and back on memorial weekend( Thursay to Monday). I am hoping to get some advise if it' s doable, how long it would take, and the best places to visit to along the way. Will 5 days be enough? and what scenaries shouldnt i miss?

    Thank you!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its basically 2 full days of driving each direction, and that's if you stick to I-5. So it certainly is doable, but you're looking at spending 4 days on the road to have 1 day in Vancouver. You'll be able to make some short rest breaks at places right off the freeway, but you really won't have time for much else.

    Is that the kind of trip you were really looking for?

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    Vancouver, WA or BC?

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    Thanks Mike.,

    Was hoping to get in as much as possible enroute to Vancouver. I have relatives who live in Victoria. Maybe its better if we fly there and drive back?

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    Vancouver would be my destination - thanks!

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    Victoria adds even more time due to ferry schedules and transit time. If you fly, you will have to get back over the border to Bellingham or Seattle to rent a car, you can't drop a Canadian rental car off in the US.

    (We are assuming it's Vancouver, BC because you mentioned Victoria - but you didn't answer the BC or WA question - Vancouver WA is a piece of cake for a 5 day weekend)

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