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    hi guys,
    i want to go first time in Florida, any one to suggest me who is the best tourist place in Florida.

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    Default Little Help, Please

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The whole reason these forums are here is that the contributors to this site simply do not believe that there is any single "best" destination. Otherwise we'd just write a blog with our opinion and not solicit anyone else's input, or offer interactive advice. So, what did you have in mind that would meet your criteria for a good RoadTrip destination. By the way, some other points you should share with people: Where are you starting from? How much time do you have for the journey? What kinds of things would you like to see along the way? Are there any budgetary constraints? Are you traveling alone or with others (children)? Those will do to get the dialogue started, but don't expect to be told what to do, just to be given some options to choose from.


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    There are so many things to see and do in Florida. Buck speaks the philosophy we all follow: everything is interesting to someone, but someone may not be interested in everything.

    Off the top of my head, Florida: Orlando's many theme parks. Kennedy Space Center on the coast. Miami Beach and lots of beaches. Everglades. The Florida Keys, including Key West. The Gulf Coast. Aquariums. Museums.


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    steevennsmithh Guest


    i want to a trip to florida, because i like it, but i know its not possible for me...
    I haven't worked out my budget yet so I still don't know how long I'm going for - I'm hoping for a full 6 weeks. Continuing to plan my route at the moment, once it's done I'll post it up here in case anyone can suggest improvements

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