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  1. Default Zion Bryce grand canyon trip next week need fine tuning advice

    Hi, am leaving 3/26 from phl flying to vegas with husband and 2 teenage sons.
    Here is our current itinerary. Arrive vegas. Drive to Valley of Fire. Spend couple hrs. drive to Springdale UT. Possibly arrive in time to see sunset in Zion (if not exhausted after 4 am wake up time). Wed 3/27 tour zion. Spend night in Springdale.

    Thurs 3/28 drive to Bryce. Have reservation. This is where we are trying to decide whether to make a change. Not too excited about the 6 hr drive on Friday to the grand canyon, which may now be longer due to the rt 89 closure.
    So am considering doing 2-3 hr drive thru of bryce and driving toward GC via Rt 89A.

    Am looking for suggestions on where to stop between bryce and GC thursday night. Marble Canyon?

    Have reservation in Yavapai Friday 3/30. Returning to Vegas with stop at hoover dam on sat. 3/31
    Flying out of vegas Monday 4/1.

    Appreciate any feedback to our plans. Thanks.

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    Default Another option.

    Hi and welcome back.

    I presume your this is your delayed September trip.

    What I would probably do is leave Zion mid afternoon on the 27th and spend the night at Bryce. You could then visit the Bryce viewpoints during the morning of the 28th and head to Page AZ or perhaps better still, the Cameron Trading post for the night. This is near the east entrance of the Grand canyon and you will have plenty of time to visit the viewpoints along Desert view drive as you make your way to the village area.

    You could also see how you feel and at what time you get out the airport and collect your car, which can all add up in time, and decide then if to visit Valley of Fire, or make your way straight to Springdale. You don't want to over do things on day one as it could have a knock on affect for the rest of your trip.

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    Yes, this is our 2nd attempt at this trip. Son just broke his wrist 2 weeks ago, am hoping nothing else happens in the next week! I see the point in your changes, but am wondering will we feel like we had enough time in Zion.

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    I'm sorry, but I think you're going to have your family pretty burned out and miserable by the end of the first day.

    Put it this way, you're going to be getting up at 1 am Vegas time, and plan to be on the go non-stop all the way until sundown! You really think your family will be in any position to have any fun by the time you get to Zion at that pace, much less be in any mode to race on to Bryce the next morning?

    I wouldn't even try to see Zion on the day you arrive, as Valley of Fire, along with 2-3 hours of driving to Springdale, plus a near coast to coast flight will be more than a full day already. See Zion the following morning, and head onto Bryce as Dave suggested above.

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    Don't worry I am flexible about how much we see. I am the one most likely to be more exhausted than anyone else! Was not really planning on seeing Zion the first day, unless I take Dave's suggestion, cut out Valley of Fire and go right to Springdale. Just thought it might be nice to actually tour a little after the long flight rather than get off the plane and into the car for three hours.We could do Valley of Fire as a daytrip at the end out of Vegas if we wanted to.
    More concerned about the drive from Bryce to GC. Just wondering whether to cut Bryce shorter than I had planned in order to give us a little more time getting to and seeing the Grand Canyon.

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    I don't see an issue getting from Bryce to the GC in one day - the US-89A detour doesn't add much time. However, there really isn't any place to spend the night between Kanab and Cameron unless you stay on 89 to Page, then take the one hour detour via 98/160 the next day.

    You can adequately see Bryce in about 4 hours - this would be watching the movie at the visitors center, then driving down to the end and stopping at each viewpoint for a few minutes on the way back.

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