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    I'm new here, and wanted some help. I'll be traveling from New York City to Boca Raton Florida in a few weeks, and was wondering as a halfway point where would be the best place to stop over to sleep.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    New York and Florida are very big places. Even if you are assuming New York City for the starting point, you'd have completely different halfway points if you were going to Miami vs. going to Jacksonville or vs. going to Pensacola. Throwing a guess of Orlando for your destination, since it is in the middle of the state, Fayetteville NC might be a place to start looking, but that's really just a guess.

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    I apologize I should have been more clear I'm traveling from NYC to Boca Raton FL

    I was thinking of either Santee SC on Lake Marion or Florence SC, but I haven't looked into Fayetteville NC yet..Thanks!

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    In that case, Florence really is your best and really only reasonable option.

    Making it to Boca in two days is already at the upper limit of what we recommend for 2 days of travel, and will require you to be on the road for about 11 hours each day. Florence is pretty much the halfway point, although your first day will likely be longer because you'll be dealing with a lot more traffic issues getting through the NY-DC corridor.

    Trying to get to Santee would mean a 700 mile trip, which really is too much if you need to be getting back in the car for another full day on the road the next day, and even more so when you consider the traffic on I-95.

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