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    Me and my son of 15 are planning on driving to death valley in our pickup truck from minneapolis. Is it doable in 3 weeks or less? Are there any specific tips for roadtripping in a truck?

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    One of my rules of thumb for an enjoyable RoadTrip is that I should have twice as much time for the trip as would be required to just make the drive at a reasonably relaxed and sustainable pace. Your needs and tastes may vary, of course, but that should at least give you a rough idea. In the case of this trip, you would need a little over three days to make the drive from Minneapolis to Death Valley, or six and a half days for the round trip. So using my general rule, I'd suggest that you have a couple of weeks to make a truly memorable trip. Having three would allow you to stop at more sites and/or spend more time at each stop. The other thing you should look at is taking significantly different routes on the way out and then back, maximizing the number of things that you and your son get to see and experience.



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