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  1. Default Australian in need of local help

    Hi everyone :-) My partner and I are wanting to do an American road trip - his brother lives in New York but we were thinking of starting on the east coast and driving across. We are both more into the natural wonders - and would love some inspiration for great routes to see amazing scenery and do hiking + camping along the way.

    I was thinking it would be nice to start in San Fran or LA and maybe go through Vegas, i would love to go to Sedona Arizona and also wondering if i can experience the Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon, we both want to see some of the South and ranches, also Kentucky, i know this is quite general - but i would probably create my trip across based on sights to see and interesting things to do!

    I have pretty much no idea about the amazing sites that are possible to see in regards to your main Natural attractions, please help me, i am clueless in this regard.

    Thank you all! Leanne

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    Oh - and - best option for rentals that hopefully we can sleep in :-) L xo

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    Leanne - Before better and more experienced hands come in and give you sensible suggestions let me chip in. If you're really not sure where to start, we found that a big coffee table type book of the US really helped for narrowing down the scope of the upcoming road trip that my wife and I are doing with her (Kiwi) parents.

    You also might want to think of what time of year you're traveling, winter in bits of the US is a lot fiercer than it is in Oz. The intended length of your trip would also be helpful.

    Personally I dislike LA and would suggest San Fran is a better start, but that is a taste thing. I'd strongly suggest Yosemite National Park which I think is one of the most amazing places on earth. From West to East there are interesting routes both North or South, but cutting between the two can be tricky and time consuming. I'd try and identify a string of preferred things to see and then people here can help you string them together in the time you have.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, you can 'easily' do everything on your list, and then some, as long as you have enough time (and money) for the trek. I did a quick map that just connected all the spots and areas in your list and continuing on to New York City, and came up with a total mileage in the neighborhood of 4200 miles. That would require about eight days of driving. Add in time to see the sights you'll be driving to, take some hikes, and visit with your partner's brother and you're looking at about three weeks as the minimum I would want to have available for this trip. But with that (and maybe a little more time) you can not only see everything on your list, but also such places that would be near your general route as Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Capulin Mountain, Cadillac Ranch, the Natchez Trace Parkway, Memphis, Mammoth Cave, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail, Washington DC, and others. On second though, maybe you'll need at least a month.

    At this point, you should get yourselves a good road atlas of the United States and start plotting out a basic route and seeing what's along it besides your own 'must' sees. Once you've got a basic idea of where you want to go, we can help you make the best of it by directing you to some of the lesser known sites and sights that you might otherwise miss.


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    Thanks Alex b - much appreciated - i totally hear you on the San Fran front and think i will head in that direction - and also thank your for highlighting yosemite - it was one that i was looking at and will now lock that in as a destination - thanks again :-)

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    Hey AZBuck, thank you! It's the names of places like you've listed that is perfect - just helps me to do more specific searching. I will keep searching - how about rental suggestions do they do them pick up San Fran drop off New York type scenarios? If it takes too long we could always fly out from somewhere on our way over straight into NY?

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    Also can you recommend the best book to buy?

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    National Geographic have a nice series of books one of which is entitled National Parks. There is also The National Parks: Our American Landscape by Ian Shive which is a beautiful coffee table book that I got my parents in law for Christmas.

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    Default Somewhere to Sleep

    Hi Leanne
    , We are doing a similar trip starting in May for 8 weeks but ours in a full loop. We are renting a small camepervan from based in LA.They are a fun way for 2 people to explore the USA.We hired one in 2011 and wouldnt hesitate to reccommend them.
    I think they should have their New York Depot open by now,so you may pick up a one way return trip for them. We have a couple of Frommers books as well as a big Hemma Atlas we purchased.
    Google is a great place for looking at National Parks etc. But a lot of information from the road trip forum as well.

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    I'm planing my own trip like yourself:)

    The guys and girls on this site will give you great advice so your lucky!

    A good choice for rentals is
    cheap with everything you need and awesome paint designs to make your trip unique!

    Enjoy your planning! i know i can't stop gettign excited about my roadtrip!
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