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    Default Road Trip 1st of June - 01st of August - starting from Boston

    Hey! My Name is Jakob and I'm from Germany, Siegen. As I'm planning a roadtrip from the 1st of june until 1st of august I'd like to meet peolple who are interested in joining my trip and travel through the USA have fun and meet new people. I am flexible and don't have problems with sleeping in a tent, hostels or motels or travel in a bus/car.

    I start my journey from Boston - so if you are interested - feel free to contact me!

    Best regards

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    I am not interested in meeting anyone though I would like to hear about why you chose Boston to start your trip.

    In Boston's north end there are many historical sites. Paul Revere's house, old north church, where the movie National Treasure was filmed.

    Also the north end has a Little Italy area with lots of restaurants.

    Where do you want to go after Boston?

    60 days will give you the opportunity to so much. You could drive down the east coast, cross country, drive the west coast, cross country again. Forget the coasts and just zig zag coast to coast multiple times, or forget that and hit a lot of US parks out west.

    Pretty much you can do whatever you want.

    Some federal parks get booked ahead of time so in peak seasons you may have to have some back up camp grounds.

    US is not a Hostel friendly country. They are rare in the eastern half of the country, mostly a few can be found in the in the large cities. However I have read that Hostels are more numerous in the Pacific North West along the coast.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Jacob!

    I have moved your thread to the "share the gas" section, where you are more likely to get a response from others looking to travel with you. If you post more details about where you're going beyond Boston - especially where you expect to end the trip - you're more likely to get a response.

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    Default hostels

    Quote Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
    US is not a Hostel friendly country. They are rare in the eastern half of the country, mostly a few can be found in the in the large cities. However I have read that Hostels are more numerous in the Pacific North West along the coast.
    That's actually not true - at least not the part about them being rare in the northeast. In Boston alone there's about 4 of them, plus another in Cambridge, and then there are several of them out on Cape Cod.

    Certainly, hostels are not nearly as widespread in the US as they are in Europe, and you are much more likely to find them in major cities, but they are a reasonable option all over North America. If you are traveling solo, and you don't mind sleeping in a dorm, they are a great value, although if you want a private room or are traveling with a group, it's often cheaper to go with a motel. Also be aware, that since many are in major cities, parking can be a little challenging at many of them.

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    Hey 32vld!
    So i have chosen Boston and its airport because it was the cheapest flight :-). Further Boston is the oldest city of the United States and I wanted to get another first impression about the american culture which would've been a problem in such a multicultural and hectic city as for example New York.

    Well Michael that's totally okay. I'm new here in this forum so thank you for the moving of my thread.

    Here are some more details as you may be interested in:

    I thought 60 days are - for those distance dimensions in the USA - a good time window. Of course I'd like to visit New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans - but i am very flexible in residence and routes so I didn't post it.

    Best regards!

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    Default North American Hostels.

    Michael's quite right, hostels can be found all over North America, though they can be far between in more remote areas. is probably the most comprehensive hostel listing (worldwide) on the internet, and they have thousands of listings for the US and Canada. Some you'd rather not go near, others almost the height of luxury. Hostels vary greatly, and in North America are quite different from the European hostels.

    My first two trips in North America I hostel hopped all over, coast to coast, border to border, and criss-crossing the country every which way. And even though it is pay per person, at a good hostel the 'hostel experience' is worth it everytime. A good hostel is much more than a cheap(er) bed for the night.

    On occasions, I still seek them out.


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    Frankly speaking I don't really care where you can find more/better hostels! Actually this shouldn't become a poll where the best accomodations are. So please stop posting things about hostels.

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    I am taking my family on a road trip from St. Louis to to California (through Grand Canyon) up to Seattle and back through Montana, etc beginning May 30.

    I have been researching alot of interesting places to see. There is also a wonderful website called where people all over the world will put you up for a fee (often cheaper than hotels). There are a variety of choices.......from Elegant Tree Houses, Mansions, Apartments, Hostels, Aerostream campers, to train cars and tents. All owned by ordinary people.

    Great way to meet new people, and prices start at about $25 per night up to $3,000 night (for a castle of sorts) Lol

    We have booked some nights through there, some nights with friends, and other nights will be at traditional hotels or motels. Whatever you choose......make sure to blog your trip. I can't wait for ours!!!

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    Hi Jakob,
    I would be interested in joining. I'm in northern Indiana though ( purdue student). I have been on wanting to go on a cross country trek in a long time. What places are you looking to visit? The east coast is decent but going out west is a whole different experience. What kind of vehicle would you want to rent? Car,van or RV? How long do you wish to be on the road? a few weeks or perhaps even a month?
    There are tons of possibilities especially since you mentioned that tents are no issue.

    Auch Ich kann etwas die Deutsche sprechen und Ich strebe immer ein möglichkeiten praktizieren nach.

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    Hey dude!
    Sorry that the reply comes this late! Well let me explain what my plan is:
    I will fly from Frankfurt to boston the 1st of june. Then having a rest there see the town and so on. The next city will be new york, then pittsburgh, chicago, denver, san Francisco, los angeles, las vegas, grand canyon, new orleans, atlanta, columbia, charlettesville and back to boston.

    Of course this is just a rough "trip schedule" - if i find someone who joins my trip a am open minded and we can talk and discuss about alternative routes!!
    Well as i think that renting a car car this 2 month - trip would be a very extensive thing and you dont need a car in bigger cities such as new york or san Francisco, this is no option.
    As far as i know there is a big bus line known a.k.a. "GREYHOUND BUS". So this will be my vehicle :-)
    But if i find a travel partner with a car the whole thing looks different you know?

    So what do you think? Are you interested? I mean we can easily stay in facebook contact so that we can meet at some point and we travel together! It will be an unforgettable trip!!

    My facebook name is jakob kray so there i am quite often and it wont take long to answer as it takes here :-D

    So long dude!

    Greetings from germany!!

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