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    Hey There, I am a new member to Roadtrip America & it looks like a great tool. We are planning a trip in the beginning of August from San Fran to 2 days in Yosemite, 2 days in Mammoth Lakes CA and then up to Lake Tahoe for 2 days. Is this enough time in each place? Any suggestions which side of Yosemite to stay and where? I heard the west side would be best. Also, what is good to do in Lake Tahoe? Hotel suggestions for any of these places would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default There's Never Enough Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We always wish we had more time when we're on vacation, exploring new places, or just trying to relax. A couple of days in each of those places is enough to get a good sample of their delights, but probably not enough to take in their greatest prize, the chance to just let go. Since you're moving basically every other day, you'll be packing up just as you're starting to relax.

    As for which side of Lake Tahoe to visit, like most decisions regarding a RoadTrip it is a matter of taste. Very, very generally, the west side tends to be the more scenic and includes the Desolation Wilderness of the Eldorado National Forest, while the east side offers access to some great historic locations such as Virginia City and Carson City as well as the night life of Reno. It's a personal choice, not something for which there's a universal 'best'.

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    While Yosemite is a huge place, ultimately, the Yosemite Valley is located on the West side of the Sierra's. Places like Lee Vining are close to Tioga Pass, which is a road that goes across the mountains, through the park, but it is a very long way away from there to the vast majority of the park's main attractions.

    If you can't find or afford a place inside the park, your best bet is to look at places like Oakhurst or Mariposa.

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    Default Night and day.

    If you are planning at least 2 nights in [or around] Yosemite to make it 2 full days there [well a day and 2 halves], I would say it will give you enough time for a nice overview of the place. If "2 days" means just one night and includes travel from SF and onward to Mammoth lakes then I would say not enough time. So if you have 4 days from leaving SF to arriving in Mammoth Lakes, I would spend day 1 driving from SF and exploring part of the park, perhaps Mariposa Grove. Day 2 visit Glacier point and the Valley and stay on the west side again. Day 3 head to Mammoth Lakes allowing time to stop and take in the views over Tioga Pass. Day 4, Mammoth Lakes and head to Tahoe, so 2 nights Yosemite, 1 night Mammoth.

    As Buck said, there is never enough time !

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