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  1. Default Los Angeles to Indianapolis in four days, can we do anything fun?

    My son and i are driving my daughters car from LA to Indianapolis. It is Guilt Trip, e reality show, not the movie, lol. He has allotted me four days, so it is a lot of driving in a short time. We are taking the route via Arizona and New Mexico.

    We have been to LA a few times so don't need to see anything there. In general, I am going to pick him up at the airport in the evening and we are driving to Barstow. Then we thought we would drive to Albuquerque , then another ten hours, but haven't decided where to stop and then either finish it up or make a stop depending on how we feel.

    Is there anything fun we can do along the route that offers fun sightseeing but we don't have to commit a huge amount of time?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If I am reading correctly you have 3 days from Barstow to Indy in which case I'm afraid you won't have time for fun stops. Your 3rd stop would naturally come around Tulsa OK, and with time to eat, fill with gas and take some rest breaks you can expect to be on the road for 12 hours plus each day, and not the ten hours that a computer program might suggest.

    Have a safe trip !

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    If by 4 days, you really mean 3 days plus your couple hours getting to Barstow, then I'm afraid Dave is right, you really don't have any time for any extra stops.

    You're already going to be at the very top end of what can be considered safe distances for a multi-day trip - needing to travel about 650 miles per day. As Dave mentioned, those will be 12+ hour days on the road, not 10 hours, once you factor in just basic and short stops for things like gas, quick meals, and restrooms. At that pace, you really just have to worry about staying alert and covering the miles, and there's just not enough time in the day to make extra stops and still get the rest you need to be a safe driver.

    I'd also take Dave's advice and strongly recommend you plan right now to stop in Tulsa. You need to get that far to safely finish the trip to Indy in a day, but any farther than that, and you'll be pushing to distances that aren't safe or wise.

    Now, if you mean you've got 4 days for your trip, starting from Barstow, then that's a completely different story. There are tons of quick places to stop, and short detours available right off your path, if you've got time for them. You might even be able to consider detouring up to the Grand Canyon, if you've got that extra day.

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    Well, it depends on which of us wins the battle. :) We have until the end of Monday, which is four days from Barstow. He wants to be back sometime Sunday night. I want Monday. I am hoping to entice him with fun spots to stop also he will want to stop. Plus, I agree with you on the driving.
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