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    Hello all. Another newbie here. Our 20 something daughter is driving from Louisville to Los Angeles in about a month (Jan. 2013). She has limited long-distance driving experience and funds. We've traveled in Southern and Eastern states so the West is new territory for us. There's not talking her out of it so . . . what advice would you offer, preferred routes, what to avoid. Signed concerned but supportive parent.

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    Default Have Time to Make It Right

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Probably the single thing that people who are new to major RoadTrips fail to adequately plan is the amount of time such endeavors really take. There is far more to these trips than simply getting in the car and driving for 10 hours at 70 mph and so covering 700 miles a day, but that is what we seas a 'reasonable' plan by many newbies. If all your daughter wants to do is to get to Los Angeles from Louisville, and the weather cooperates, and she doesn't want to stop and see any sights along the way, then she can make the drive safely in about four days. However, at a minimum, she has to be ready for at least one significant weather delay, so she should have a minimum of five days available to make the journey. Then she'll need more days to see whatever sights she wants while en route and I assume she wants to see something otherwise she'd just fly. So, she'll need roughly a week for a safe, enjoyable trip.

    Other than that, the caveats are pretty routine. Actually, the Interstate highway system is incredibly safe. Nowhere should she be more than 10 miles or so from roadside assistance, and the chances of her being stranded on a desolate stretch of road somewhere in the middle of nowhere are practically zero. She should have (and be able to read) a good set of paper maps - not just a GPS, a membership in a roadside assistance program, a fully charged cell phone (coverage along the Interstates is generally quite good), a couple of credit cards, and anything else that will give her (and you) peace of mind. Other than that, just have the car checked out thoroughly by a trusted mechanic before she departs and then give her her head.


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    Default Limited funds

    Here are a few ways to make those limited funds go a long way. It is something to which most of us can relate. That is why we have a special forum specifically devoted to budget travelling. She might like to peruse the entries there.

    Have her look for the hotel/motel discount booklets at rest areas and truck stops. There are a few different ones around, and generally have good deals for walk-ins. If she is a member of AAA (roadside assistance) be sure she shows the card at every opportunity. Many places give discounts, and not all advertise it.

    By far the most important thing for her to do is to check the room before she pays. If she is refused.... leave! Besides just checking that the room is clean, make sure the smoke alarm is not disabled (an umbrella comes in handy here), and that there is a lock on the door which cannot be opened from outside, such as the chain lock.

    I would second everything above and add that if she carry more than one card that she carry them in different places. No point having multiple cards if they are all in your wallet, when you lose it.

    As a (senior) solo female traveller I keep an envelope in the glove box with 'In Case of Emergency' on the front. Inside this envelope are the phone numbers of three next of kin, photo copies of my driver's licence, blood group card, and (in my case) passport and travel insurance.

    I feel sure that with your support, she will have a safe and enjoyable trip. Lucky girl!


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