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  1. Default Aussies need help. Great River Road, October

    Hi folks,

    After visiting your fantastic country last year and travelling from L.A. to N.Y. via New Orleans, I've decided to come back and go north to south.

    The planned trip is to drive the entire length of the Mississippi, from Minnesota down to Louisiana and have a couple of nights in the Big Easy.

    The purpose of the trip is a photographic road trip, and I really want to see and photograph as much of 'small town USA' as I can. I will be travelling with my girl, and have about 10 days to make the trip, including the 2 nights at the end in N'awlins (The French Quarter).

    At this stage, the only definite on the route is Gracelands. :)

    Can anyone offer any advice as what to see, what to do, where to stay, etc etc etc. We have some concerns about early snow falls in the north, are these likely? Any advice would be fantastic!!!


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    Default That's What it Is, Mostly

    Somewhat surprisingly, for a river that is a major commercial artery for a large portion of the country, for most of its length the Mississippi is farmland, wildlife refuges, and small towns. Large Cities such as Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, and Memphis are the exception rather than the rule. A few of my favorite small towns on the river would include Nauvoo IL and its Mormon living history exhibits, Keokuk IA and its 19th century homes of the newly rich industrialists, Hannibal MO and all the Mark Twain (and other) sites, Ste Genevieve MO and its French settler heritage, Vicksburg MS for its antebellum and Civil War history, and Natchez MS for its river heritage and old plantation homes.

    Besides the great small town, and sometimes in conjunction with them, be sure to cross the river a few to several times by ferry. Also take time to hike in some of the numerous National Wildlife Refuges that dot its banks. Snow should really not be a problem that early in the season, even in Minnesota, but it is a remote possibility that you'll see some.


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    As a person who went to a small college perched on the bluffs above the mighty MS River, I can appreciate your trip ideas! I second the suggestions of Keokuk and Hannibal. Between the two, if you can get off of regular US-61 and get into the towns of Canton and LaGrange on the "old 61", you will see where the flooding river has caused problems over the years. If you are hungry when in that area, try the casino at LaGrange -- Mark Twain Casino, I believe it's called. Other than that, there isn't much to choose from in Canton or La Grange for restaurants. (There's a decent Comfort Inn in Canton.)

    Cross the bridges at Quincy, if you can. You take the "new bridge" going in one direction, and the "old bridge" going in the other direction.


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