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    My wife and I will be traveling south the day after Xmas. We're not in a hurry as she has problems riding for long periods of time. We will plan to be in the DC area on the first leg but after that will probably drive no more than 3-4hrs. We'd like some suggestions on places to stay and eat and tour( not all in one stop LOL). Would appreciate all suggestions. Hfkharr

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    Default Hartford(?) to Naples(?)

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are 24 Hartfords in the US (plus at least one in Canada) and 11 Naples. I'm going to assume from the fact that you thought it should be obvious which ones you meant that you're going from Hartford CT to Naples FL. In that case, your first day to Washington DC is going to be quite a bit of work involving, as it does, getting through New York and Baltimore and around Philadelphia. If you would like something more in keeping with what you envision for the rest of your trip, consider something other than I-95. An excellent choice would be I-84 to Scranton, I-81 to Harrisburg, and US-15 to just west of DC. That would add enough miles (about 100) that you should consider taking two days instead of just one to get to Washington, but it would be much more enjoyable with possible stops in the Poconos, Hershey, and Gettysburg among other spots.

    For a leisurely paced drive south out of DC, I would again recommend finding routes other than I-95 which can be decidedly hectic. a couple of possible routes, with potential stops, are described here. Other routes and stops are certainly possible. Ultimately, we can make suggestions all day long, so it would help if you let us know what kinds of places you would prefer to visit; what your preference in food and lodging are; whether that '3-4 hours' is a daily limit, an at-one-sitting limit, or what; and any other things you know about your travel style that might help us help you.


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    Thank you for your suggestions and pardon my expressing the old Bostonian view of the country by not designating the locations of Hartford and Naples. Your assumptions , however, are correct.

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    I thought the Bostonian view of the country was civilization ended at Route 128!

    All kidding aside, are you looking for city-type touring or otherwise? I personally would stay as far away from I-95 as I could all the way down! With the traffic congestion, that's just too much like work. If you aren't particularly time-limited, there are a lot of different ways to go and a lot of different kinds of things to see and do.

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    I thought I would "liberalize" and at least include "New" England.
    I'm thinking now that I will, as suggested, head down I84 and spend a night somewhere in Lancaster area of PA. I could then pick up I81 South and avoid the I95 congestion.This may include a stop at Gettysburg and possibly , Harpers Ferry. Any other suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

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    Default If...

    ...a relaxed drive with some Civil War history appeals to you and you're 'willing' to avoid the major cites of the east coast, then the inland route that I previously pointed you too would be a good framework to build a drive around. There are nearly two dozen suggested v venues worth stopping to see listed there. In addition, there are the many Civil War battlefields all up and down the Shenandoah Valley including Kernstown, Monocacy, and Cedar Creek. Finally, there are two pivotal Revolutionary War battle sites in northern South Carolina, Cowpens and Kings Mountain.


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