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    Default Toronto - Denver - Toronto

    Hi all,

    I have just discovered this amazing site and thought you experts could help me.

    We (me and my girlfriend) are planning to go on a road trip from Toronto to Denver and back from around Dec. 20th to Jan. 7th. My vacation days have just been approved and in the mean time air fares have increased considerably. We are from Europe and only live temporarily in Toronto. Our plan is to visit family in Denver for Christmas. Although saving money (probably it would not be much) is not the first reason to think about going by car but we thought we might see quite a lot of the USA. The initial idea was to do one way in about 2 days. Is that feasible? However, my biggest concern is the winter weather. I have no idea what kind of weather one could expect beginning January in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri...

    I was looking to go one way on the I-80 through Detroit-Chicago and then Iowa, Nebraska and the way back on through Kansas City- Indiana-Detroit.

    Are we crazy or is worth it?

    Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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    It is not reasonable at all to expect to drive from Toronto to Denver in 2 days. This is a 3 day drive at a minimum, assuming reasonable weather and road conditions.

    I assume you are from a country that qualifies for the Visa Waiver Program. You need to do a "ESTA" online and your passports must be valid for at least 6 months after your stay.

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    Thanks glc.We have no problem entering the US.

    I have done frequent drive in the past from Northern Germany to Spain in a day (about 1,100 miles). Starting at 7am and getting their by 10pm. So, I thought between the two of us we could get done about 12 hours driving each day. But I feel too that it might be a little to crazy. Especially not knowing the road conditions. Thanks!

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    Default Any weather is possible, including really, really lousy

    On December 31, 2010, I entered Nebraska westbound for Utah near Lincoln in a full-on ice storm, having traveled the previous day from North Carolina in balmy 60 degree (F) temps. By the time we got to Grand Island, the temp was dropping like a stone and the wind out of the west had picked up to 30 mph. By North Platte, NE, we were in zero to 7 below, winds were a solid 40-50 mph, and it was all we could do to maintain 45-50 mph into the wind. At Sidney, NE, we encountered whiteout conditions on and off for 60 miles to the WY line. On that day's travel, mercifully terminated in Cheyenne due to I-80 being closed west of there, we averaged < 40 mph, were on the road for +13 hours, and got only 11 mpg in my 4 wheel drive truck, mostly because of the intense and relentless headwind, but also due to running in 4-wheel drive for over 500 miles. It was a trip segment I don't care to repeat. Better planning by me would have allowed for a lay-up day, and had I done so, the next day was clear, cold, had much calmer winds, and would have allowed much faster travel in Nebraska and eastern Wyoming.


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    12 hours a day for 2 days won't get you there. You will need at least part of a 3rd day. It's over 1500 miles, and you have a border crossing to deal with. With stops for fuel, food, and bathroom, you will be hard pressed to average over 55 mph, we do have enforced speed limits unlike a good portion of your Autobahns. A good number to use is 600 miles a day on Interstates with good weather and road conditions, this is 10 to 12+ hours on the road.

    Don't get your miles and kilometers confused!

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    Thank you both for your help again. I have finally booked a flight.

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