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  1. Default SF to DC in approx. 6 days during mid-Dec - any advice?

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm planning a trip from SF to DC mid-December and would love some advice on the best route and cool places to stop along the way. I will have about six days for the trip and I know I'd like to see Deadwood, SD and perhaps a stop in Canton, OH. I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to get from SF to Deadwood and maybe even a place to stop between Deadwood and Canton.

    Thanks so much!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's a basic problem with your plan that must be dealt with first. In order to drive to Washington via Deadwood and Canton you are going to need 5½ days of solid driving time. Add even minimal stops at your intermediate destinations and you are going to have no time to spare for any unpredictable but almost assured inclement weather. What all that adds up to is a not very pleasant trip with essentially no margin for error.

    If you can't add more time for the drive, then you need to take the direct route, I-80, all the way to Youngstown and then I-76/I-70 to Washington. You can see when you get to Youngstown if you have time to visit Canton, but Deadwood is probably not a good idea.

    If you can add a day or two, then your plan starts to make sense and we can certainly suggest a few other quick stops. But first you have to check your schedule and determine if you really have the time for a fun sight-seeing trip or whether this need to be a more workmanlike drive.


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    You can avoid a bunch of tolls by taking a route that's only 50 miles longer.

    At Moline, take I-74 to Indy. Take the south 465 bypass and then I-70 to Washington PA. Take I-79 south to I-68 to rejoin I-70 in MD. At Frederick take I-270 to DC.

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    Hi AZBuck and thanks so much for your reply! I do have the option of adding more time to my trip and would be willing to do so if necessary. I'm going to be returning to SF in May and thought I'd take a more lengthy and leisurely drive at that time (considering the weather would be nicer and I could possibly take a couple of weeks to make the drive). For that trip, I think I'd like to take a more southern route so I figured I'd go North this time.

    Providing I add a few days to my trip - do you have some suggestions for possible routes?

    Thanks, again for your feedback - any and all suggestions are really appreciated :o)


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    Thanks for the tip, glc - I will definitely mark your suggestion down!


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    Go south now and go north on your return trip. This will minimize COLD weather issues.

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