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  1. Default I want to get to NY to Arizona but I have 6 cats

    I live in NY and want to move to Arizona ASAP> I have a place to live and all
    is good, however I have no idea how to get there. The problem is I have 6 cats?
    What would be the cheapest way to do the move. I am afraid the Cats would die
    on the plane ride because I heard many bad stories. I also can't drive. I was
    thinking of finding someone with an RV who is NY and driving to Arizona. Of
    course I would pay but can't find that either. Any ideas or recommendations?

  2. Default NY to Arizona I will pay ALL THE GAS

    Problem is I have 6 cats so I need an RV. Since you will have to put up with all my cats I will pay for all the gas. I also can't drive.

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