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  1. Default SLC to San Diego to Tucson: route and camping advice?

    I'm making the trip from Logan UT (north of SLC) to San Diego then Tucson to sell for my business at bicycle swaps, leaving Nov 1st. The plan is to hit up vegas for some bike parts, then camp somewhere between vegas and San Diego. Head out of San diego the 5th or so, and have a few days to play around til the swap in Tucson on the 10th.


    1. Where's a good spot for dispersed camping somewhere between vegas and San Diego? I'm willing to go a bit out of the way for something cool (hot springs? awesome views?) or just off I-15 for a quick secluded spot.

    2. Any alternate routes from vegas to San Diego than straight down 15?

    3. Anything worth seeing on the way to/in Tucson?

    4. Good camping near and in Tucson?

    Thanks in advance!
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    1) The BLM has some camping-allowed areas in the Barstow region:

    2) Not really, until you get to the metropolis area.

    3) Tucson has many neat things to see/do, depending on what you like: Arizona-Senora Desert Museum, Old Tucson (theme park; movie filming site), the Davis-Monthan Boneyard, Sabino Canyon, and more.

    4) I hope someone else chimes in. I know there are two national monuments and a state park in the area, but I'm not sure which have camping any more!


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    Thanks Donna! The desert museum looks cool, I'll be sure to check it out! As for camping, I'm hoping for somewhere cool I can just pull off a dirt road and camp. Usually called BLM dispersed camping.

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    Default Bureau of Land Management

    Quote Originally Posted by jnewberg02 View Post
    I'm hoping for somewhere cool I can just pull off a dirt road and camp. Usually called BLM dispersed camping.
    If that's possible, I am sure you will find it here.


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    Thanks Lifey! From that link I found Afton Canyon, which seems like a cool camping area. Anyone ever been there?

    also I looked at google earth...Looks like plenty of open desert with tons of dirt roads between barstow and Apple Valley, and then again lots of open space with forest roads in the mountain range west of apple valley. Think I would have any problems finding a camping spot in there somewhere? Is most of that private or BLM land?

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