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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I registered to get some road-trip advice.

    A friend and I will be leaving Ann Arbor, MI (48105) for Los Angeles, CA (90045) at the end of this month.

    We have 3-4 weeks time, and the goal is to see the best of what America has to offer on the way.

    Please let me know if you have itinerary recommendations, such as places to see or routes to take. We don't have anything set in stone thus far.

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    Default Make a start.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    With 3 to 4 weeks to cross the country, you can go just about anywhere you please 'in between', which opens up thousands of possible route and attraction choices. Far to many to be able to give meaningful suggestions at the moment, especially as we know nothing of your interests or what you would consider "best".

    I would recommend you do some research with your friend and come up with a few main points of interest that you agree upon. Get yourself a good map of the US and start marking those places on it and then see how you can link them together with other places of interest. Once you have an outline of your trip planned I'm sure we will be able to come up with a few suggestions and help to 'fine tune' your trip, but you really need to make a start based on your personal preferences.

    Search the forums and check out the planning resources in the tool bars above, and you will find much info to help get you started. Enjoy the planning, it's a fun part of the adventure !

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    What are some world-famous sights between Michigan and California?
    -Mt. Rushmore
    -Grand Canyon
    -Las Vegas

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    Default A couple of tips for getting started

    We have 3-4 weeks time, and the goal is to see the best of what America has to offer on the way.
    You have to do some of the work....

    If you provide some parameters of what kind of road trip you're planning and a basic route, the RoadTrip Enthusiasts will, no doubt, be happy to contribute some ideas. But you're not likely to get any response at all unless you invest some personal time in this.

    For some trippers, "...the best America has to offer..." might mean the best shopping, or the best bars, or the best scenic views -- and no one here is ever going to identify the "best of anything" because there is no common consensus about what constitutes the best places...

    What I can suggest is that you and your friend take this quiz as a way of beginning to plan this trip and see if you're both planning on the same kind of road trip.

    Next.... look at the articles on this trip planning page as they will begin to create the basis of what you can do when you start planning your own road trip adventure!


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