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  1. Default I need advise to understand if I can do it with my chevrolet aveo (rent a car)

    I was reading the posts about going from Las Vegas to SF thru Death Valley and I need to ask

    1. Can I do that tour on December around 27th - 28th, how is the weather?
    2. Can I do it with a no 4x4 car like chevrolet aveo or similar that I will rent? Or will I need a bigger one?

    What is your route suggestion with such car if is possible?


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    Default Yes, and a Big No

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    The Chevrolet Aveo, or pretty much any car, can handle Death Valley in Winter. Highs only get up to the mid-60s typically, and since this is their 'rainy' season, they might get a third of an inch - total - during the month. On the other hand, continuing north and then crossing Toga Pass into Yosemite will be out of the question no matter what you are driving, as CA-120 through the pass is closed for the entire season, roughly October to May. So you will have to go around the Sierra Nevada either to the south through Bakersfield or to the north through the Lake Tahoe area.


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    You may drive on any paved road in Death Valley with an Aveo or any other rental vehicle.

    Download the park map - you may drive on any of the red roads.

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    Thanks all.
    I will do it with this car then.

    One more question, where do you recommend to stay by to rest and continue next day to SF?

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    Default Heading south.

    As mentioned by Buck previously, it is all but certian that the Tioga Pass [CA120] will be closed when you travel and with just one overnight stop, I think heading south would be the best option. To give you some time to experience of Death valley you should look at overnighting in Ridgecrest or Lake Isabella. If you want to spend more time in DV and don't mind a long drive the following day, [8 hours or so] then you could look at Panamint Springs on the edge of Death valley NP.

    Note] This year was a record breaking year for the Tioga pass to remain open into January. Never before this year would you have been able to cross the pass at the end of December, so as unlikely as it is to be open, it could happen. If it were and you didn't book lodgings in advance, then Bishop would be a good choice to overnight. You should also note that you will have to have up to the minute reports while travelling, as it could be open when you leave Vegas and closed later that day or night, either permanantly or temporarily.

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    Dave et al,
    Is better go south thru the 15 then? I am looking for great views and safe route too, will be safe to drive thru 95 north til Beatty and then come down using 374 or is too risky for that season?
    What are the best views during that time using a safe path to San Francisco then? Would you have a map like the one glc gave me but until SF?

    Thanks all, I just want to ensure I am taking the safest routes, because is my first time there. Moreover remember I will be driving a 4x2 car.

    Moreover, is there any radio station for the report if that route is open or closed?
    And if it gets closed when I am driving thru that one, am I able to continue or must I drive back?
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    US-95 is open all year, but why would you take it?

    To get from Death Valley to SF via the southern route, exit the park westbound past Panamint Springs on CA-190. Note that outside the park, it turns left and CA-136 goes straight. Take 190 to US-395 and turn left, which will be south. At the junction with CA-14, US-395 bears left - continue straight on CA-14. Take that south to CA-178, turn right, which will be west. The park map does take you this far. Take that into Bakersfield to CA-99, go north to CA-46. Take that west to I-5 and go north. There are several ways into SF from I-5, depending on where you are going and the time of day. I usually get off at Los Banos and take CA-152 west over Pacheco Pass to US-101 and take that north into the city.

    To get to DV from LV, take NV-160 west out of the city to Pahrump. A couple miles north of town, turn left on Bell Vista Avenue, this will take you to Death Valley Junction. This appears on the park map as State Line Road. You will turn right on CA-127 then make an immediate left on CA-190 to go into the park.

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