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    Hi All,

    In mid October I'm off to Vegas for a trade show, and I plan to arriving a week before so I can enjoy a mini road trip.
    I arrive late Friday night and was thinking of booking a hotel close to the airport and drive off Saturday morning.

    Any good hotels with easy access near the airport?

    Now I plan to come back to Vegas Wednesday afternoon, and in the meantime I'm thinking of seeing Hoover Dam, Route66 and up to Gc.
    I'm also tempted to drive up to monument valley/Page/zion, but I also don't want to rush and stress around. So was also thinking of driving south after GC and just spend some time seeing what else is around.

    Any tips if I want to go different ways or should I "just" stick to doing the classic stuff and take my "time"?

    Looking forward to your replies!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The complete loop, including Hoover Dam, the longest remaining stretch of the old US-66 roadbed (from Kingman through Peach Springs to Seligman) to the Grand Canyon and on to the Four Corners and Mesa Verde, then heading back through Monument Valley, Page, and Zion to Las Vegas is just over 1100 miles, or just about two day's worth of driving. That leav3s you two and a half days to spend taking hikes, checking the scenery, and just relaxing in some spectacular country. If you'd like to keep it even more relaxed. you can skip Mesa Verde but keep Monument Valley which brings your drive down to around 900 miles, or even skip Monument Valley as well and get the driving total down to about 700 miles.

    It's been a while since I stayed in Las Vegas, and the place I stayed (near the airport on Dike Ellington Way) has changed hands several times since them. so I'm afraid I can't help you with a first hand recommendation, but there are several low- to mid-cost motels just north and west of the airport.


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    Default Bryce canyon.

    As Buck points out you have many options and another I would consider is Bryce canyon. You could do the 'Grand loop' and head from LV to Zion [Springdale is a neat town] to Bryce canyon [Rubys Inn closest lodgings or cheaper in Tropic] and then down through Page to Grand canyon South rim and back to Vegas via '66 and Hoover Dam. You could stop in Page and/or detour to Monument Valley depending on how unrushed you want to feel.


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