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Thread: I-94 or I-90

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    I'm doing a trip...Seattle to Chicago in a 14' UHaul.

    Could someone advise me if better to go up 94 or down 90 (where it splits at Billings).

    Much obliged...William

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    Honestly, there isn't a ton of differences that would make one significantly better than the other. The difference in distance is only 30 miles, which over a 1,000 mile trip is almost irrelevant. A little traffic, construction, or an accident could make one shorter or longer on any given day.

    I-94 is a little bit shorter, but it does go through Minneapolis/St. Paul which can lead to traffic delays, but is nice if you like urban areas or want to do something like Mall of America.

    I-90 goes past Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills, and Badlands, which can make it a popular option from a tourist perspective, but the largest city along the route is Sioux Falls.

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    I'd favor I-90 from a traffic standpoint, even though I-94 across eastern MT and ND is very sparsely traveled. MSP can be a bear, especially in rush hour.


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