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    Hello, I'm looking to drive out to the Boston (got tickets to a Red Sox game) and looking for advice on where to stay while in Boston. I've heard that the traffic is terrible in the city and was hoping to find a hotel in one of the less-congested suburbs that still has good access to the public transit system. I'm planning on being in town for at least one overnight. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Although you can transfer between lines, the easiest way to go about what you want to do is to stay in the western suburbs, so that you don't have to drive into the city at all and can simply take the Green Line to Fenway. Somewhere in the Newton, Newton Highlands, West Newton, Woodland area would be my choice.

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    Thanks for the advice! Just my luck, the only hotels with vacancies in that area that are an hour or so away from Fenway by the Green Line. Any other advice?

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    I think you must be mistaken or miscalculated something.

    Even Riverside Station in Newton, which is the farthest stop away from Fenway on the Green Line, is only a 30 minute trip to the ballpark.

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    Alright, I found a decent hotel in Newton. Currently on the road (Canton, OH) and have concerns about driving in Philadelphia. I really want to visit the Liberty Bell area, bit don't want to drive too much on the city. Any tips?

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