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  1. Default On the road in the SW, looking for advice

    Hello, folks!

    So I am on a leisurely roadtrip, where I have all the time, but limited funds. Right now I am near Zion and Bryce Canyon, then have reservations at the Grand Canyon, then plan to head to the Petrified Forest Nat'l Park in AZ, where I plan to do some backcountry camping (yes, I have the equipment and experience, plus you only have to hike about a mile in to camp). My eventual destination is Jackson, MS.

    I've been playing it by ear, but now I'm stumped: should I go to ABQ and take 40 (more or less) across, or go south and take 10 or 20?
    I am interested in the sights, but also availability of camping, as I have already spent too much on hotels. I have a tent, as well as backpacking gear; I also have an annual pass to National Parks/forest lands. If you could steer me to more national parks that allow wilderness access (for free camping) that'd be (extra) great. Or any good place to stop. Or just any advice on what I should see, whether I should stay more northerly or southernly? Besides just good hikes and natural beauty, I am interested in historical/native sites, but having difficulty deciding which ones are worth the sidetrips, especially when there are few camping options.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default If it were me.....

    I'd be heading to Kanab, and then Alt 89 to 89. There is sooooo much to see along that route, any good map will show you.

    Not having camped in that area, I am clueless on those details. But I am sure if you call in at the Big Water Rangers Station on the south side Alt 89, and have a talk to the rangers, they'd be able to tell you of all the spots along the way. I do know that there was camping at Lees Ferry (not sure of the cost). And I'd be surprised if you could not camp (back country style) along Cottonwood Road.

    Alternatively, and depending on what you are driving, you might also like to consider driving from Bryce to Canonville, and heading south along the Cottonwood road (though I think it is called something else at the northern end). It is a fantastic drive, but it is very sandy in places, there is a ford and open range cattle. As well as all that, the drive through the canyon is breathtaking.

    I drove it in 2007 in a twelve year old Camry. The 40 or 50 miles took me about three hours. Check with the rangers in Canonville before going.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You certainly shouldn't be having any difficulty finding camping options, especially in the western 1/3 of the country.

    What I would recommend is that you spend your time looking into National Forests, which are generally much more welcoming to back country (dispersed) camping. Unlike National Parks, which are generally pretty restrictive on where you can go and often require permits and the like, many National Forests will let you set up nearly anywhere. You should always check with the ranger station, however, to get specifics on where camping is allowed and rules regarding how far you need to be from roads, rivers, and any fire restrictions that may be in place. There are also many more National Forests, that take up larger areas than National Parks, you just need to look for the big green shaded areas on your maps. You should really have plenty of options, no matter if you chose to go north or south.

    Of course, there are always other options like State Parks for camping, that will charge you, but also provide things like toilets, and often showers. Don't overlook county and other local parks which sometimes also have low cost campgrounds.

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