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    Default southern bc-yellowstone-utah

    Hi I'm back again.... lol... hoping to head out on another road trip mid sept for 2 weeks

    leave after work-southern bc>missoula-stay nite motel

    missoula>gardinier>mamoth>northern part of yellowstone>cody wy-camp nite

    cody>yellowstone>tentons>jackson- camp nite

    jackson>rock spring>vernal>fruita co-camp nite(not sure about this-should we add another day to cody>jackson and then just drive to moab area via price. i read that the cisco>dead horse sp 128 route is very scenic???)

    fruita>cisco>dead horse sp-camp 2 nites

    dead horse sp>monticella>blanding>hovenweep nm>mesa verde-camp 2 nites

    mesa verde>4 corners<blanding>natural bridge>hanksville-camp in area

    escalante>capital reef area-camp 2 nites in area

    bryce canyon-camp rubys inn

    bryce canyon>zion-camp nite

    zion>cedar city>ely nv-stay nite

    ely>wendover>montello>idaho falls>missoula-stay nite

    missoula>home to bc

    I wanted to go back to monument valley(read a blog about tours and gouldings trading post) we did our own tour and did not go to gouldings for some reason-I think we missed out:( but not sure if I could fit it in. I thought about going thru bluff, gooseneck sp, monument valley after 4 corners but may need another day then and REALLY wanted to do page(antelope canyon)powell lake, but same thing would need prob another day added on also. I guess reasons to come back to this beautiful area.any suggestions you have to tweek my trip... i have been researching for a year and still read about hidden places that I'd like to see.I KNOW sometimes you need to edit things and can't do it all at once.
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    we have our own truck and will be tenting it

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    I've edited this part of trip abit- Torrey looks like great camping as does rubys inn so may as well just use these 2 places as bases(less packing,etc.. more time to see and relax) 5 days should do this area justice i think
    took out monument valley idea just go staight to natural bridge nm from mesa verde
    also will just do 4 corners as a day trip from mesa verde if we go check out the casino if not it will be next time we come this way
    mesa verde<blanding>natural bridge>torrey-camp in area at thousand lakes resort

    sight see capital reef area as far as boulder-camp 2 nites in area

    bryce canyon-camp rubys inn
    sightsee area-escalante kodachrome park & bryce canyon np & zion np as day trips from rubys inn- camp 3 nites in area

    rubys inn>panquitch>ely nv-stay nite

    ely>wendover>montello>idaho falls>missoula-stay nite

    missoula>home to bc
    that is 14 nites and possibly have 2 more days if we need them so should be good. seeing lots of things but not toooo much driving... really want to get out and walk around the areas and experience them this time... not just drive bys.

    has anybody done the mesa verde balcony house. it looks awesome... i have a fear of heights but would love to conquer them and climb those ladders. that would be an experience for sure. i have looked at places to camp that all have showers this will be a must, and pools as that would be an added luxury after a hot day.
    any tips that i may be missing... i know i seem quite organized... but always welcome help and info from people that have been there done that! I like the structure of knowing where scenic sites are but my schedule is not written in stone at all, we will be flexable and go with the flow... the only way to enjoy a road trip.

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    trip cancelled :( now need to wait until next fall... at least all the planning is done

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    Default Something to look forward to !

    Oh that's a shame, but hey at least you still have it to look forward too ! :-)

    As you want to spend time out of the car and experience these places I would certainly try for an extra couple of days. Your trip is doable but still set at quite an aggressive pace in parts. You might be better off not going all the way to Cody and camp in Yellowstone, giving yourself more time to enjoy the park.

    I would not explore Zion NP from Rubys Inn, it can take 2 hours or more to get into Zion and parked up whereas you can walk to the shuttle bus from the Watchman campground in a few minutes. The shuttle bus is the only way to the canyon area, unless you are in lodgings in that area. That's 4 hours both ways and it actually takes slightly longer to Ely from Bryce than it does from Zion according to my mapping program. Between the 2 parks you might want to stop at Red rock state park, Checkaboard Mesa and just before the Mt Carmel tunnel is a popular Zion Hike, the 'Canyon overlook Trail'.

    Four corners would be an hour each way from Mesa Verde but only an extra hours detour between Mesa Verde and Torrey. There is not much there but it is the only place in the US to get that photo with each limb in 4 States at the same time ! If you were to take 160 you could continue to US191/163 and take UT261 past Goosenecks State Park and up the rather exciting 'Moki Dugway' to UT95. The thing is, this route would put you within 'touching distance' [well almost] of Monument valley and on it goes ! lol

    Ely to Missoula is a very long day on the road and not we would recommend as part of a multi day trip. You could look for somewhere around Wells to stay instead of Ely, or look at stopping around Salmon ID rather than Missoula.

    We didn't visit Balcony house, but we did visit Cliff Palace. This involves ladders but did not concern my wife who also has a slight fear of heights. As you have a fear of heights this might be the tour to go for although I am sure a park ranger will be able to talk you through your options. Make sure you buy your tour tickets at the Far View visitor centre as the dwellings are 20 mins further down the road and can't be purchased anywhere other than the visitor centre.

    [Not sure how I previously missed this thread!]

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    I'd take a day and a half from Ely to Missoula, take US-93 all the way. There's plenty of lodging in Twin Falls and a few motels in Arco.

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    So the road trip bug has me ready to go.... this year for sure! Have a revised but more detailed trip planned... I have had 1.5 years to plan... so here goes

    Aug 28,2013- leave BC for Butte Mt- stay in motel
    Aug 29-30Butte-Cody via Yellowstone-tent camp at Buffalo Bill SP, or in town of Cody
    Tour Cody
    Aug 31-Cody-Yellowstone loop-Grand Tentons-Jackson-Rock Springs- stay in motel
    Sept 1-Rock Springs Wy-Moab via Vernal-Rangley-Fruita Co ( check out Colorado NM)-cisco(scenic byway)-Moab- 500 kms camp in area( probably not in town)
    Sept2-3- Moab area camp and sight see area( colorado river boat tour)
    Sept 4-5- Moab-Mesa Verde- 2 nites Morefield campground in park or A & A campground just outside of park
    Sept 9-10-Torrey-Bryce Canyon( stay in park or at Rubys Inn) do a day trip to Zion from here
    Sept 11-14- Travel home( probably thru Ely NV)

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    Default Yellowstone 'drive thru' ?

    Whereas you need to follow a code of conduct when camping in Bear country, camping in Yellowstone should not over concern you. Tens of thousands of people do it every season without any problems whatsoever. Camp in a designated campground as you should and you will be fine ! With your current plan you will have little time for anything but a 'drive thru' Yellowstone to stop and take a photo [or 2[000] ]

    As I mentioned previously, I would consider camping in Zion after Bryce or else 3 to 3.5 hours of your day will be spent in the car as ther main park area is to the west nearer to the town of Springdale. Watchman NP campground is good and you can get the free shuttle bus into the canyon from there.

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    I've got to say, I don't think I fully understand your plan for Yellowstone right now, but from the looks of it, you aren't going to have hardly any time in this amazing park.

    It's not clear if you are planning to spend time exploring Yellowstone on your way to Cody, but I can assure you that you certainly wouldn't have time to see hardly anything in the park or in Grand Teton if you try to get from Cody to Rock Springs in a day. Even Cody to Jackson would mean you would really have to limit yourself to just one or maybe two of the many different areas within Yellowstone.

    It is easy to underestimate just how big Yellowstone is, and how long it can take to get around the park with traffic and wildlife delays. I'm a believer that you need at least 2-3 full days in the park just to do a survey of all the park's major areas.

    Tent camping shouldn't be a concern at all - as long as you are practicing safe food practices (storing all of your food, cooking supplies, and really anything that touches food either in provided bear boxes or in your vehicle). As Dave mentioned, thousands of people do it every day, and I've tent camped myself in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton. The park rangers are also very vigilant about making sure others follow food storage rules, and have no problem handing out fines to violators.

    I'll also say that camping near Cody and Jackson would both still require bear safety, and I can't see how they would be significantly different from camping within Yellowstone/Tetons.

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    yes, I guess it does look like a "drive thru"... the plan is to leave Butte in am and drive part of Yellowstone loop on way to Cody(spend the whole day in Yellowstone)... get to Cody 6pm or so... spend next day sightseeing Cody...leave Cody on day 3 and drive part of loop that we had not taken...onto Grand Tenton( just driving and stopping for pics)... there is the option to stay in Jackson if it is too late in the day... if not will continue to drive into early evening if need be( that is reason for motel in Rock Springs, so no need to set up camp)We tent camped in Sequioa a few years ago and I was not comfortable at night worrying about bears( i know thousands do it and i'm being silly ... but lol)and we really want to sightsee in Cody so staying there makes more sense to us.
    I will consider staying Watchman... just thought spend 2 nites in one place is nicer than moving every day( time you spend setting up, etc.. the hr drive isn't a big deal) but may reconsider and stay 1 nite Bryce and 2 nites at Zion or do 2 nites Bryce and 1 nite Zion.thanks for your input

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