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  1. Default OH to LA in January... HELP!!

    I'm starting at a new school in LA in January. My boyfriend and I are planning on road-tripping out there so that I can have my car at school. We have 5-7 days and the trip itself takes about 3. That leaves only a small amount of time for sight-seeing. What are the must sees of the midwest?

    We both are in love with Colorado but also want to break from driving and don't know what's best, especially in the off-season. Suggestions?

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    Default Nice length for a winter road trip.

    I don't know where in Ohio you're starting from, but it will require 8-10 hours of driving per day to make it in four (4) days... With 5-7 you have some flexibility. What sorts of things interest you?

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    Natural Landmarks, old-timey restaurants, unique recration areas. Things that we might see along the way that we have to do anyways or can take an hour or two to enjoy.

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    Default Stating Point Makes a Huge Difference

    As Mark pointed out, no one knows where you're starting from. If you are beginning your journey from the southern half of Ohio, then your basic route goes to St Louis and then follows the general track of old (decommissioned) US-66 through Oklahoma City and Albuquerque. If you're starting from anywhere near Lake Erie, then your basic route would be through Chicago and along I-80 (following the route of the old Oregon Trail) to Denver and then I-70/I-15 across the Rockies and down through Las Vegas. Either route will take four solid days of driving spread out over how ever much time you actually have, and both routes offer plenty of things to see and do, but the two routes are completely different and advice for one is totally useless for the other. So first we have to know which route suits you better.


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