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  1. Default The Great Huge Gigantic Circle has started!

    Hello, again, everyone! I'll try to keep you posted on the trip we just started and will be the attempt to "circle" the US in a month's time.
    I'll post every some days comments to this thread with our adventures ad planning so you can contribute with your experience and ideas on it.
    We would appreciate it!

    I'll also try to pinpoint the (+) and (-) of our experience for anyones future reference. The (?) will indicate questions for anyone who would like to help.

    Please, feel free to pose your own questions concerning the roadtrip at any time!

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    Days 01 to 03

    So, as planned we have started our route on the first of August landing in Toronto and driving to sleep at Buffalo. We're travelling in a nice and spacious Toyota Camry.

    The evening we arrived was - as expected - missed for driving, crossing the border and sleeping in Buffalo. The 2nd of August we visited Niagara, had a nice time there (stayed about five hours) and had a dinner too. We were moved by a group of Mormones that offered us their tickets for an activity there, because they had no time to do it themselves!
    Late evening we drove to North East, PE where we slept and in the following morning (3rd of August) we went to Geneva, OH for a quick swim at the local Lake Erie beach and had an excellent meal at a dinner in the village of Geneva.
    Then we drove to Cleveland, had a nice quick ride around the city centre and then drove to Chicago where we slept.
    So today we're in Chicago planning to stay for the entire day, sleep tonight as well and leave tommorrow morning for Milwakee and Minneapolis.

    There's a lot of driving (as we expected) but we enjoy the landscape which is very beautiful, full of trees and plains so far, a lot of water (rivers, lakes) and we're happy we have met friendly people.

    Our only problem is that we haven't yet made it with the mobile internet so I'm ending up spending around 3 hrs every single day trying to buy, set up and resolve upcoming problems with T-Mobile's broadband. But, I hope with some extra cost probably, I'll finish that today.

    (?) I would appreciate any suggestions on Chicago, a place to have lunch in Milwakee and things on Minneapolis.

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    Default Chicago

    Quote Originally Posted by GoAs View Post
    (?) I would appreciate any suggestions on Chicago, a place to have lunch in Milwakee and things on Minneapolis.
    Here are some ideas about Chicago. And one attraction in the twin cities...

    And here is a photographic field report from road trip to all 50 states and their map, of course.

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    Default Fair Food

    It may take a bit more time than you have at the moment, but if you really want to give your taste buds and experience, The Wisconsin State Fair is going on right now in Milwaukee. You can find pretty much any food in the world "deep fried" and "on a stick," including chocolate covered bacon, deep-fried bacon-wrapped cheese hot dogs, and the fat elvis. There are also a lot more more traditional foods, and if you go this route, I'd start with the Wisconsin Products Pavillion where you can find some really good, and often less exotic, local foods.

    Of course, Milwaukee is a fantastic city for food in general, with lots of choices depending upon your tastes and what you're hungry for.

    If I had time for just one stop in the Twin Cities, I'd probably spend an hour walking around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, but there's no shortage of other things to do. Check out the RTA map center for some more details.

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