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    me and 2 more friends are goiung to take a car and do a road trip across america starting at ney york state and going all the way to nevada this september.
    we are clueless about places we shopuld visit, roads and routes we should take and parks we will wanna check out.
    basiclly we want to visit the rookies, see some nice parks and do some hikes and check out some big cities on the way.
    we will love to see any help, suggestions and whatever you can write to help us.

    thank you!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The first thing you have to do when planning a trip like this is your own homework. Do a little bit of reading and research and figure out what places sound most interesting to you. There are millions of possible things you could see, and until you've at least got an outline of your own personal must-sees, no one else is going to be able to give you much help narrowing things down.

    Some other things you need to figure out include how much time do you have? Will this be a round trip? Budget? etc.

    Once you've at least got some ideas as a foundation, then we'll be much more likely to give you some specific ideas.

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    thanks! ill write some more details soon and i hope you could help me a little bit more.

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    so here is our plan:
    NY --> florida (miami and the everglades) -->georgia --> colorado (any suggestion on roads we should take, parks we should visit?) --> nevada --> california.

    anything would be helpfull!!

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    You still really haven't told us anything that can help us help you, other than now adding that you're adding huge detour into Florida for your plans.

    We still know nothing about the time you've got, your budget/how you plan to travel, and anything that you would be interested in see or doing. If you don't even know what some of your "must sees" are, we can't possibly begin to narrow down the millions of possible things you might like to see or do in the states you've listed.

    What about your trip home? Is this going to be a one way trip (and have you factored the thousands of additional dollars it would cost for rental car drop fees and plan tickets?) or will you be driving back to NY?

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