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    Default Boston --> Niagara Falls --> Montreal --> Boston

    Hello Roadtrip America Forum! I am new to this forum and I am in the process of gathering as much info as possible on my upcoming family roadtrip in just a couple weeks!!!

    Starting July 21st, my family (Me, Wife, 2 small children and mother in-law) are going to a family reunion just east of Montreal. The reunion is on a private property and they have a giant camp out and festival every 2yrs. We decided to rent an RV and take the week off and tour around the Northeast for a bit.

    We fly into boston on Saturday and we rented a large RV and plan to drive over to Niagara Falls then up to Montreal and stay the weekend at the ranch. Then finally back to Boston and fly home. I have absolutely no idea what is in between these destinations (born and raised in California) but we have done our research and found a few things to do. We have our itenerary set and campgrounds booked.

    SATURDAY - Fly into boston 8am-2pm (5pm east coast)Check into hotel - BostonFenway Park - Red Sox Game 7-9pm (or as long as kids stay awake)

    SUNDAY - Pick up RV - 10am -12pm. Drive To caverns (4hrs) 12-4pm. Cavern Tour 4-6pm. Grocery Shopping 6-7pm. Drive to Campground 7pm (possible stay in Walmart parking lot)

    MONDAY - Drive to Cooperstown Baseball Hall of fame 8am. Hall of fame tour - 9am-11am. Drive to Niagara Falls (5hrs) 11-4pm. Campground 5pm Dip in pool, dinner, relax.

    TUESDAY - Niagara Falls Tour 9-12. Drive to Rochester Kids Mueseum 2hrs. Kids Museum 2hrs 2-4pm. Drive to Brenan Beach Camp 2hrs.

    WEDNESDAY - All Day Brennans Beach - Maybe a Local lighhouse or castle tourrs

    THURSDAY - Dive to Boldt Castle 1hr - 8-9am. Boldt Castle Tour (2hrs) 9-11am. Lunch & drive to Campground 3hrs. Camp at Lancaster Park.

    FRIDAY - Drive to Reunion East of Montreal 4hrs - 8am-12pm. Reunion Friday Through Sunday.

    Sunday - Drive to Boston 6am-12pm. Drop off RV - 12-2pm. Flight Home 4pm-9pm (6pm pacific)

    So... What do you think of the road trip? Couple questions for any locals or people who have done this....

    1. Is there any road restrictions for large RV's on these routes? (Bridges, tunnels, etc..)

    2. Is there lots of tolls and stops along the way? Should I plan extra time and money for tolls and stops?

    3. Is there any quick roadside attractions that you would suggest? Or any great restaurants along the way that we should not miss?

    4. Anything on my list or in your memory of things that i should completely avoid? (bad tours or roads to avoid in large RV)

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Under the radar.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm afraid I can't help with the specifics of your trip as I have not travelled in this area, although it looks as though you have a good handle on things. I just thought I would say Hi and welcome, as we try to do to all our new members. It appears to be one of the rare occasions where you have 'slipped under the radar' and as such not recieved a welcome.

    I have just returned from a 'mini' road trip here in the UK and was just catching up with what's been going on when I noticed your posts. I also noticed that you have offered great tips to a fellow member travelling in California, so Thank-you for that it's much appreciated.

    Hopefully someone might drop by with some tips but in the meanwhile here is a report with great photos by Dangermouse including some from the 'White mountains' between Montreal and Rochester and a trip to Rockport and Sturbridge Old village. You will find many more threads that will assist with your planning [scroll down this page for similar threads] as well as using the planning resources in the tool bars above.

    I hope you enjoy RTA and have a great trip !

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    I try to use forums as much as possible becuase you can get some great tips by locals and people with experience that you cant find by searching sponsored websites. The links below have been very helpfull and i appreciate it. Thats why i posted a few tips on central california. I figured since it was my hometown I would help out. I will continue posting when I can and using this forum on our travels.

    Great Forum!!!

    Thanks again.

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