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    We're planning a drive from Rhode Island to Houston mid-August to see family. As I really do not like to fly, a plane is not an option. Any help, suggestions, etc. that anyone could give would be forever appreciated! Any routes that are preferred over others? Is Rt. 81 as bad as I've heard?? How many driving days should we plan for to get to Houston? Lots of questions...hope someone can help me!!
    Thanks sooo much,

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    Take the best way from your exact location to Hartford (or to I-91 between Hartford and Meriden, take I-691 to I-84 if you do that). Take I-84 to Scranton, I-81/I-40 through Knoxville, I-75 to Chattanooga, I-59 to Slidell, I-12 to Baton Rouge, and I-10 to Houston.

    You are looking at about 1900 miles, which will be at least 3.5 days. 550 miles a day will have you on the road from 10 to 12 hours a day, depending on how many stops you make and how long you stop.

    I-81, although heavily traveled, is a heck of a lot better than I-95 anywhere between Boston and Richmond.

    If you leave in the morning, I'd look at overnights around Winchester VA, Chattanooga TN, and Lafayette LA. It's about a 4 hour run from there into Houston.

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    Thanks so much for the info! Wow! You actually need an extra week of vacation time just to allow for travel, down and back....Something to think about! The only thing I was sure about was pack light clothing!! Houston in August is horrible with heat and humidity....We've had the past 3 days of hi 90's and humid here in R.I., and I'm ready for Fall...
    Thanks again!

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    Welcome back to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure why you'd be surprised by GLC's response. His response, including information about I-81 and the travel time you need for this trip are nearly identical to the responses when you asked about this same trip 2 years ago. You might want to revisit that thread for a refresher on the other tips you were given at that time. However, you'd also indicated that you'd completed the trip at that time, so I'm also a little puzzled about why doing it again would be troubling or confusing for you?

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