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    Default RV Electrics - novice questions

    Hi. My friend and I are taking a compact RV from Vegas to San Fran over 5 days. A couple of the campsites we're looking at have no hookups and we're wondering how long we can go without hookups before the electric gives out. This is assuming lights on in the evening, fridge running, a quick shower each day, no blow dryers. We've never done an RV trip before so any advice is welcomed. Thanks.

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    Default What kind of RV is this?

    What size RV is this? Does it have a generator?


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    It's a compact, approx 20ft. It does have a generator, but it's a rental and they charge by the hour so we'd like to avoid using it if possible.

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    Default Little needed.

    The hourly fee for a generator used to be about $3 per hour [not sure now] and when parked up without a hook up we rarely had to run it for more than hour at night to keep the battery topped up and not putting a drain on it during heavy useage. Once you are on the road again the batteries are recharged while driving. If you had to run the generator for an hour or two, it could still work out cheaper than what the difference would be between a hook up and non hook up site. You don't need to run it all night and in most places you would not be able too as they have silent hours.

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    Thanks Dave, that's exactly what I needed to know. You're an amazing fountain of knowledge. :-)

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