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    Hello all,

    I'm moving from Michigan to San Diego at the end of the month. My belongings are being shipped with a mover, so it'll be just me and my two cats in the car. I've pretty much settled on the I-80 (Michigan to Nebraska) to I-76/70 (Nebraska to Utah) to I-15 (Utah to California) route.

    My concern is mostly just the possibility of a break-down. I've had some problems with my car in the past (on local roads) that probably make me a little over-paranoid, lol. I have taken long trips in this car before without problems (including a drive from Louisiana to Michigan, in one day w/the cats) and I will have the car completely checked out a week before the trip.

    I have USAA roadside assistance, which gives me some peace of mind, but what is the cell phone signal coverage like along this route? Is the terrain rough on a car's engine?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give :)!

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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    Getting your car checked a week before you leave is essential, so that should help you. Be sure to ask them to check the hoses, belts, brakes, fluids, axles, tires.

    I can't speak on the cell phone coverage on your I-80 portion. However, we've traveled I-15 to I-70 (Denver) many times, and vice versa. For the most part, you'll have decent coverage except in two areas: one is between Green River UT and Salina UT on I-70. The other is in the Virgin River Gorge area of I-15, where I-15 cuts into a corner of Arizona.

    Though this can be unsettling, it may help you to know that these are very well-traveled highways. I have seen people with breakdowns who are being helped by a passerby (including a state trooper, once).

    As for the terrain being rough on a car's engine: these interstates are built to certain standards that the average car will have no problem with. This, of course, is if you treat your engine with respect. Don't go barreling up a hill and taxing the engine by trying to take the uphill at 80 mph, or racing down the hills to put pressure on your brakes. Between Denver and Salina, you'll have a lot of uphill and downhill travel, and traveling higher than 6000 ft elevation. Drive defensively and respect your car, and it will respect you.


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