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    Default LA - Yellowstone & Back via everything inbetween!


    Just wanted to post some comments and photos from my recent road trip as a way of thanking those who helped me during the planning stages. Without the advice I received I doubt our trip would have been so successful and enjoyable, so we are very thankful! Here is a link to the planning thread.

    Firstly to anyone looking to rent from the California area (LA, San Fran & also Miami for east coast roadtrips) I highly recommend Escape Campervans for anyone looking to rent something smaller than an RV. They were great fun, the van was 100% reliable and the staff were extremely helpful. Prices not bad and the flexibility of having a van which you can sleep in anywhere was ideal for this sort of road trip when exploring lots of national parks (even spent a couple of nights in Walmart carparks)!

    Secondly, some of our favorite drives. Highway 12 through Utah was definitely amongst the best roads I have driven, stunning scenery and well worth the detour we took to drive it. Int. 50 'the loneliest road' was an experience and of course Highway 1 from San Francisco back to LA.

    Thirdly, Yellowstone. This place was amazing to drive to, amazing to drive around and gutting to drive away from. We weren't sure at first with our time frame whether the long distance to Yellowstone would be worth while. It really was. I cannot wait to go back to this place in the future and until then, our time there will be unforgettable!

    I'm a bit rushed for time so will let a few pictures from our trip do the rest of the talking, but I want to thank you guys once more and will continue to do so by offering my advice to people doing a similar trip in the future.

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    A small selection from over 1000 snaps!
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    That'll do for now! Cheers guys
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    Default Cool. Thank-you.

    Hi Tom. Welcome back and thanks for dropping by to share your thoughts with us, it makes it all worthwhile ! :-)

    Enjoyed the pictures as well, some great captures there. See you around the forums !


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    Just got back from Yellowstone myself. Mind blowing! Nice picture of the bear. We never got that close, although we did see grizzlies. Terrific shot of the clouds across the bay. Would love to hear more about your trip. We over our Cruise America van, but yours looks interesting. I shall certainly be looking up their website.

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